Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

“Act Like a Lady, and I’ll Treat You Like a Lady”

Three years ago, Ms.NBC fired Don Imus for making racially insensitive remarks. Remarks that he acknowledged were stupid and to apologized for, ad nauseam. Yet for years the same network has reveled in the misogynist and misanthropic vitriol spewed by their go-to guy, Keith Olberman. Finally, with Olberman’s ratings in the subterranean sewer along with the rest of the network, Stuart Schwartz at American Thinker speculates that the fat lady is finally singing over at Ms.NBC. (H/T Larwyn’s Links)

Amazing, isn’t it, that the air waves are 100% intolerant of any remark that smacks of racism, but is perfectly OK, for years, with  a man who is a demonstrably and sociopathic hater of women and men? But on the uber-liberal network, that serves as fair and balanced: they hate everyone who doesn’t worship their messiah and savior.

And since we’re speaking of Imus, – now simulcasting his radio show on Fox Business Network -  as I was fast forwarding through yesterday’s show I happened on a comment by Jeff Greenfield that I had to replay –twice- to make sure I had heard it correctly.

He and Imus were discussing Obama’s SOTU smack down of the Supreme Court Justices’ recent decision  on  campaign funding. Here’s my (verified) transcription of Greenfield’s comment:

“I do not think these justices that (sic) have lifetime tenure can basically tell the Congress of the United States – not basically, they have told the Congress of the United States - ‘You know this law you all passed? It’s unconstitutional, deal with it.’.”

Boy, do I feel stupid. On two fronts. First, I thought that was precisely what the Supreme Court existed for. And secondly, I remember a time, years ago, when I actually thought Jeff Greenfield was half way intelligent.

Watch the whole clip if you’d like.