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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Looking Like a Fool With ‘dat Snow on the Ground



It’s been reported that there is snow on the ground in 50 states as of February 13th. I can’t speak to the remaining 7 states, which haven’t been located yet, but I thought that this momentous occasion deserved a song.


Snow on the ground,

Snow on the ground

Lookin’ like a fool with ‘dat snow on the ground.

There’s snow comin’ down from Hawaii to Maine

Why on God’s earth can’t it just be rain?

The earth is warmin’ at an alarmin’ rate,

Ignore the reports from Climategate.

All over the planet, there’s severe global warmin’,

That is, if you destroy evidence not supportin’.

Tweak and delete and you’ll hide the decline;

Your data’s suspect, but you can keep the plot line.

We’re freezing our butts off but end up contributin’

To the carbon tax scam of wealth redistributin’.

We’re buried in ice and climate hysteria,

Earth has a fever and it’s probably malaria

Gaia’s way of ending the fever:

A ton of snow to persuade the believer.

Snow on the ground

Snow on the ground

Lookin like a fool with ‘dat snow on the ground.

So hurry along now, buy your credits of carbon

A proper Valentine if you can still get ‘em.

Get ‘em before earth goes nuclear and freezes

And we all bow to Gaia and pray for warm breezes.

Before we regress to the middle dark ages

We should check out “Algore” in the green yellow pages:

Carbon credits available from the church of Gore

Are listed right under “supreme climate whore.”

Buy ‘em if you want, if you won’t feel dumb

Paying for cool while your feet go numb.

Loving the lecture by the alarmists of warmin’:

Snow, they say now, proves the need for reformin’;

Climate, we’re told, is more than weather observed -

This, from the idiots who bought the hockey stick, curved.

Snow on the ground

Snow on the ground

Lookin like a fool with ‘dat snow on the ground.

h/t: “General” Larry Platt & “Pants On The Ground”