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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweet Lorraine: A Love Song from the American Heartland

In a world that is increasingly shaped and formed by Hollywood’s version of love, i.e., sex; and where celebrities have redefined “forever” to mean until something better comes along, behold Fred Stobaugh.

At 96 he’s of an era where “till death do us part” meant till death do us part. His story embodies everything good and decent in America’s heartland, where people face life with stoic determination and heartfelt emotion need not be overwrought. 

Here is Fred’s life story, summarized in one simple song that he wrote for his deceased wife commemorating their 75 years together. In a world where “relationships” barely last 75 days this is an edifying story of love, commitment, loyalty and remembrance.

If you can watch this and remain dry-eyed, you’re probably not from around these parts.



Love like Fred and Lorraine’s is like a thousand layer cake: deceptively simple when all is said and done.

mille feuLife is not like a box of chocolates, more like a mille-feuille

But in reality it has been carefully constructed over a long time, one delicate layer after another, each overlaying the last; a very labor intensive, often tedious, endeavor.  The final product is a sweet concoction that stands tall; a homage to the dedication,  commitment and work put into it. And when you’ve added the last layer, you yearn to add one or two more – so it  can stand a tad taller, to last a bit longer. Anything to forestall that inevitable moment when it is served…and it’s gone in what seems like a millisecond. Thankfully, it lingers on in your memory.

P.S.  “Sweet Lorraine” is available on iTunes