Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Monday, December 1, 2008


These fine products will soon be available exclusively online

Dewey’s Sensitivity credits:

Purchase these in advance of the inevitable faux pas that lands you in hot water with your employer, client, spouse, significant other or the media – in the event you are a public figure. They work in the same way carbon credits do. You can continue to be as insensitive as you like, but when called out by the politically correct coalition, you can redeem yourself by presenting these reasonably priced “credits” that prove you care but are just too darned important to change your ways.

Dewey’s “Pre-hab” programs:

Like Re-hab, only you complete the program in advance of the offense that will ultimately turn you into a social pariah. Attend around your schedule, instead of the media’s! Complete in advance of potentially hazardous duty, (i.e. appearing on “The View”) for added insurance against the wrath of the PC Squad. Note: You will automatically receive 100 Sensitivity Credits with enrollment in any of the Pre-hab programs.

Dewey’s 12 Step Programs:

Help for any number of intransigent conditions. See previous post.