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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Uncle Miltie!

Milton Friedman would have been 99 today. While he still has a devout following, his name is far from a household word to most Americans and many in Congress.

Which is a shame, since he embraced and embodied the heart and soul of what originally created American Exceptionalism: the free market.


A Man Who Understood American Exceptionalism


Originally a Keynesian, he later became it’s principal (and principle) opponent. He accurately predicted that the Keynesian practices in effect in the 60’s would lead to the stagflation of the 70’s. You might have thought that alone would warrant giving his theories the inside track on establishing policies to resolve our current recession. But you would be wrong. We’re still wearing the Keynesian albatross of deficit spending around our neck.

All I know for sure is that our current Economist-in-Chief never met a deficit spending proposal he didn’t like and his Monetary guru, Ben Bernanke, never met a printing press he couldn’t love. It’s like mixing booze and ammunition.

Can a free market democracy work in a world run by willful idiots and populated by useful idiots? Doubt it. We need to either vote the willful idiots out or educate the useful ones. That’s a chicken or egg proposition, which usually means the bacon wins.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Don’t Care About the Debt Ceiling: The Sky is Falling!

snow goons2Snow Goons gather to protest Global Warming

Whoops! Not so fast Chicken Little:

NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed. (snip)

"The satellite observations suggest there is much more energy lost to space during and after warming than the climate models show," Spencer said in a July 26 University of Alabama press release. "There is a huge discrepancy between the data and the forecasts that is especially big over the oceans."

Let the record reflect that the new data comports with all known laws of thermodynamics - unlike any and all of the UN’s “computer generated models” that defy them.

In related stories: A federal wildlife biologist whose observation in 2004 of presumably drowned polar bears in the Arctic helped to galvanize the global warming movement has been placed on administrative leave and is being investigated for scientific misconduct, possibly over the veracity of that article.

Apparently this crack investigative report was the basis for Algore’s equally well researched Academy Award winning “documentary,” An Inconvenient Truth:

The article and presentations drew national attention and helped make the polar bear something of a poster child for the global warming movement. Al Gore's mention of the polar bear in his documentary on climate change, "An Inconvenient Truth," came up during investigators' questioning of Gleason in January.

Can I have a show of hands on how many are in favor of rescinding so-called “post-normal science” in favor of the old fashioned kind that actually requires you to follow the rules of logic rather than making them up to fit your theory?


16107-5849PolarBearsSnow goons will melt, but polar bears will be fine

But if you’re just looking for something other than the debt ceiling to worry about on this hot summers day, I’ll give you something to worry about: Global Densification. And here are some answers to FAQ’s regarding GD’s impact and threat to humans.

I swear, it’s at least as serious a threat as Global Warming.


polar bear crap

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Gearhead Prayer You Can Believe In

Prior to the start of the NASCAR Nationwide Federated Auto Parts 300 in Gladeville, TN, Pastor Joe Nelms of the Family Baptist Church delivered a prayer that every gearhead and Motor City lover can believe in.


Now that’s a prayer you can believe in, I don’t care who you are.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Open Letter To the Most Arrogant and Petulant President in History: Dear Mr. Obama


In which Dewey writes to our President

obama-arrogantIt’s really not so much the audacity of hope as it is arrogance

Dear Mr. President,

I’ve taken the time to listen to, and read, your remarks at the press conference last night. With all due respect (I just love that expression, don’t you?) instead of celebrating America’s dynamic union and seeking to partner with us to meet common challenges, there were times where you showed arrogance and were dismissive, even derisive. And – dare I say this? – disingenuous, as well

Knowing how you feel about Americans demonstrating this behavior abroad, I thought you might appreciate some feedback on how you came across, in the heartland. You know, from a real boots-on-the- ground American?

To that end, I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing a copy of your remarks  and highlighted areas of concern. Also, knowing that you dwell in that special, rarefied atmosphere that is  Washington D.C. I thought it might be helpful if I pointed out how a regular guy like me might perceive your remarks. To that end, I’ve taken the time to annotate specific instances where, again, with all due respect, you lost most of us. Due, specifically, to your arrogance, derisiveness, dismissiveness and/or disingenuousness. 

I hope you have time to review my comments, because I think they could really help you win back those Americans who got off -or never got on -  your high speed rail to nowhere. If you care to get back to me with your responses, I’ll be happy to pass them on to my blog’s millions of readers. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

July 22, 2011

Remarks by the President

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

6:06 P.M. EDT

I just got a call about a half hour ago from Speaker Boehner who indicated that he was going to be walking away from the negotiations that we’ve been engaged in here at the White House for a big deficit reduction and debt reduction package. (See? Right out of the box, derisive. Most presidents would have said something like “ the talks broke down over disagreement regarding the size and scope of the tax increase.” What you said, if I may paraphrase, was “that arrogant little prick had the unmitigated gall to walk away!? From ME?!” See the difference?) And I thought it would be useful for me to just give you some insight into where we were and why I think that we should have moved forward with a big deal. (I presume you mean your big debt deal, not the one of our “dynamic union.” But unlike Obamacare, you’re not really holding all of the aces any more. Assuming that people should do things  your way just because  “I won” and “I’m the President” is,  frankly, rather arrogant.)

Essentially what we had offered Speaker Boehner was over a trillion dollars in cuts to discretionary spending, both domestic and defense. (I  think it’s fair to say that nearly all of the “discretionary” spending was in defense. That might be considered by some to be disingenuous.) We then offered an additional $650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs — Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.  We believed that it was possible to shape those in a way that preserved the integrity of the system, (As I understand it, you intend to preserve them in every way, just pretending to cut them by using the usual Congressional  accounting standards  comprised primarily of smoke and mirrors. Again, disingenuous. And  derisive, in that you think we’ll all swallow another mouthful of that hogwash.) made them available for the next generation, and did not affect current beneficiaries in an adverse way. (Certainly not before you plan on leaving office, sometime around 2034? I think you see my point, above. More hogwash.)

In addition, what we sought was revenues  that were actually less than what the Gang of Six signed off on. (just a nit, but we seem to have a subject-verb disagreement there – and LOL @ “Gang of Six!” I love it when you talk like one of the guys!) So you had a bipartisan group of senators, including Republicans (always good to in include the R-words in a “bipartisan group” but again, a little derisive) who are in leadership in the Senate, calling for what effectively was about $2 trillion above the Republican baseline that they’ve been working off of.  What we said was give us $1.2 trillion in additional revenues, which could be accomplished without hiking taxes — tax rates, but could simply be accomplished by eliminating loopholes, eliminating some deductions and engaging in a tax reform process that could have lowered rates generally while broadening the base. (Three problems: 1st, and here’s that disingenuous thing again, eliminating “loopholes,” and deductions is the same as raising taxes. And besides, blanket terms like “loopholes”  don’t set well with “the folks” after the debacle of  Obamacare. We want specifics, details. How about a little more of that transparency we heard so much about? we don’t feel good about deals cut behind closed doors, why don’t you go to the floor of the House and Congress and have C-span cover the “negotiations” in like you (disingenuously) promised.  2ndly, it’s a bit derisive to expect us to fall for the old “trust us, we’ll reform the tax code later and you’ll love it:” it’s the oldest trick in the book, and we aren’t that stupid. How about specifics? Honest, we don’t need our betters to process this for us.  3rd: read our lips, NO NEW TAXES –aka, “revenues.” There you go again, with the dismissiveness.)

So let me reiterate what we were offering.  We were offering a deal that called for as much discretionary  (entitlement programs are not considered “discretionary” in your vernacular, are they?) savings as the Gang of Six.  We were calling for taxes (don’t you mean “revenues?”) that were less than what the Gang of Six had proposed.  And we were calling for modifications (as opposed to “reductions” – do you see where I’m going here?) to entitlement programs, would have saved just as much over the 10-year window (the window that doesn’t open until 2034; are you following me here? That’s totally disingenuous).  In other words, this was an extraordinarily fair (almost an oxymoron) deal.  If it was unbalanced, it was unbalanced in the direction of not enough revenue. (You really don’t get it do you? We’re spending too much: and BTW nobody before your administration referred to taxes as “revenue”. Generally you have to do something in order to generate revenue. Collecting taxes does not qualify as “doing something.” And here’s an interesting little bit of trivia for you:  tax “revenues” are currently the same % of GDP as they’ve  been historically. Government spending doesn’t increase GDP, that’s why it’s so damn hard to spend your way out of a recession. You do know that, right? As The Big Dawg’s loveable band of crazed Democratic operatives used to say: It’s the economy, Stupid! Say - you might want to see if Carville and Begala are available.)

But in the interest of being serious about deficit reduction, I was willing to take a lot of heat from my party (that’s my BIG boy!) — and I spoke to Democratic leaders yesterday, and although they didn’t sign off on a plan, they were willing to engage in serious negotiations, despite a lot of heat from a lot of interest groups (we know, the usual suspects who are not used to being told “no” by anyone.) around the country, in order to make sure that we actually dealt with this problem. (I’m just wondering: what did you promise them down the line? Because we know they don’t take “no” for an answer, unlike Republicans. Maybe in the interest of transparency you could share that with us?)

It is hard to understand why Speaker Boehner would walk away from this kind of deal.  And, frankly, if you look at the commentary, there are a lot of Republicans  that are puzzled as to why it couldn’t get done.  In fact, there are a lot of Republican voters out there who are puzzled as to why it couldn’t get done. Because the fact of the matter is the vast majority of the American people believe we should have a balanced approach. (Would that be the 2/3 of Americans in CNN’s poll who favor the Cut, Cap and Balance Bill? Or the 65% who are opposed to the Gang of Six plan? Or the other 80% that agree with you?)

Now, if you do not have any revenues, as the most recent Republican plan that’s been put forward both in the House and the Senate proposed, if you have no revenues at all, what that means is more of a burden on seniors, more drastic cuts to education, more drastic cuts to research, a bigger burden on services that are going to middle-class families all across the country. (Well no, that’s just disingenuous. There’s trillions of dollars to pick and choose from. Leave the seniors out of it, but feel free to eliminate the Department of Education – a misnomer if ever there was one. I also offer up the EPA , and then we could build hydro-electric plants too. And as far as “research” goes: any government funded function that invented the religion of global warming ought to have it’s heart cut out. Before the golden age of federal grants, college professors used to teach, conduct research - with grad students - and publish their results, all for the salary that the college could afford. Now they earn a princes income, they don’t teach, barely talk to students and spend most of their time “overseeing” the writing of “their” grant requests and research projects while  flying all over the world to “present” their “findings.” All of  which will be refuted by new research, equally non-scientific, in less than the span of a computer’s useful life. So I vote to ax federal research grants too. So far they’ve  just made people dumber. And don’t even get me started on “arts” grants. Pretty sure they’re not in the Constitution.)  And it essentially asks nothing of corporate jet owners, it asks nothing of oil and gas companies, it asks nothing from folks like me who’ve done extremely well and can afford to do a little bit more.(Dude, you’ve run that one up and down the flag pole so often it’s getting threadbare. STFU.)

In other words, if you don’t have revenues, the entire thing ends up being tilted on the backs of the poor and middle-class families.  And the majority of Americans don’t agree on that approach. (See above for discussion on which “majority” we’re talking about.)

So here’s what we’re going to do.  We have now run out of time.  I told Speaker Boehner, I’ve told Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, I’ve told Harry Reid, and I’ve told Mitch McConnell I want them here at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. (That sounds presidential) We have run out of time. And they are going to have to explain to me how it is that we are going to avoid default.  (Yeah, see, that petulant crap? Not so much. It’s like the grand slam: arrogant, derisive, dismissive and disingenuous.) And they can come up with any plans that they want and bring them up here and we will work on them.  The only bottom line that I have is that we have to extend this debt ceiling through the next election, into 2013. (Seriously? Did you really say that? Your petulance is beginning to sound like hysteria, boss.)

And the reason for it is we’ve now seen how difficult it is to get any kind of deal done.  The economy is already weakened. (Well, thanks for setting that straight. And for noticing.) And the notion that five or six or eight months from now we’ll be in a better position to try to solve this problem makes no sense.

In addition, if we can’t come up with a serious plan for actual deficit and debt reduction, and all we’re doing is extending the debt ceiling for another six, seven, eight months, then the probabilities of downgrading U.S. credit are increased, and that will be an additional cloud over the economy and make it more difficult for us and more difficult for businesses to create jobs that the American people so desperately need. (Somebody’s been getting coached in Economics 101! Good on ‘ya, Prez!)

So they will come down here at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow.  I expect them to have an answer in terms of how they intend to get this thing done over the course of the next week.  The American people expect action.  (Hey Bozo, the American people expect a President that knows a tax from a revenue, and can at least buy a damn clue in the leadership department. But to paraphrase a great man  “we go to battle with the President we have, not the President we wish we had.” And again, knock off the imperial BS, we’re getting tired of it.) I continue to believe that a package that is balanced and actually has serious debt and deficit reduction is the right way to go. (Duh) And the American people I think are fed up with political posturing and an inability for politicians to take responsible action as opposed to dodge their responsibilities. (We undoubtedly disagree on what the meaning of “responsible” is, but at least we agree on the concept.)

With that, I’m going to take some questions.(snip)


I hope you’ve found this to be useful, Mr. President. If you’d like, I’d be happy to highlight and annotate your Q&A responses to the reporters when you went off prompter. You will be surprised to know that some critics found that segment of the presser even more petulant, arrogant, dismissive, derisive and disingenuous. Some even tossed in  “childish” and “peevish.” But they were probably just grandstanding. 

Just let me know, because I’m currently unemployed here in Detroit, the cradle of American liberalism and former beacon of capitalism. Since I wasn’t a member of the United Auto Workers union  at either of your car companies I can’t benefit from your generous gift to their union pension plan. Which, is a long way of saying I have plenty of time on my hands to help you out.

In fact, since most of my life savings were held in Chrysler and Delphi preferred bonds,  which you seized for pennies on the dollar in order to give the major share to the union for their pension plans, I desperately need a job. (Just as an aside Mr. President, I’m still wondering how that transaction could have been legal. Because up until that point in time, preferred bond holders were considered to have contractual rights – embedded right in the bonds - that guaranteed them first rights of payment, specifically in the case of bankruptcy. But I guess you just waived that right? Because you’re the President? Do you see how people might consider that to be arrogant, derisive… well, you get the point. Anyway, I hope you don’t take this personally, but I’m still looking into the legality of that whole transaction. )

So, let me know if I can help you out in any other way. I’m here to serve.

I hope you get this debt thing ironed out in time to play a round of golf on Sunday. Tell the boys the mulligans are on me, all around.


Dewey from Detroit

UPDATE: Washington Times exposes Obama’s lies: Is Obama a Pathological Liar?

"Watching the one-third-of-a-term-senator-turned-president negotiate brings to mind a child spinning yarns about just how the living room lamp got broken. Now, though, the grown-ups are in charge; the kids have been put to bed. Ten days ago, the president warned the speaker: “Don’t call my bluff.”

Well, Mr. Boehner has. He’s holding all the cards — and he’s not bluffing.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Obama’s Brown Shirts: just another election consequence


33-OTeamfall2010copy_thumb10Obama’s SS Civilian Police Force uniforms by Emporio Armani

SadHill has done all of the legwork on this so I’ll just direct you to his site to read the whole thing, but here’s the concept in a nutshell:

Do you remember when Obama told us in 2008 that he wanted to establish a civilian police force “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the US Armed Forces?

Creating a SS-Style police force

Well, like the rest of Obama’s really big anti-American ideas, those were not “just words.” Moonbattery reports:

Like his promises to make energy prices skyrocket and to bankrupt the coal industry that provides us with half our energy, this is one he will try to keep. The Rand Corporation has released a massive 213-page study entitled A Stability Police Force for the United States: Justification and Options for Creating U.S. Capabilities (PDF).

This wasn’t an exercise in idle speculation. The study was prepared for the United States Army...

If you’re asking yourself how they can just keep looting and wasting when it’s obvious the collapsing economy will drag the country into total chaos if they don’t stop, here’s your answer. Obama et al. want it to collapse, and they plan to be ready when it does.

And don’t forget who that civilian police force is likely to be used against: us.

Read the entire Sadhill post, where he has mined the Rand Corp PDF document so you don’t have to.

Hitler had his “Brownshirts,”

Mussolini had his “Blackshirts”,

And Obama will have his…



Need I even bother to mention that this egomaniacal Marxist must be stopped by any and all legal means available?

Yes, elections do have consequences.


“ Those who exchange liberty for security deserve neither.”  Benjamin Franklin

Monday, July 18, 2011

RFK Jr., You ignorant slut*

rfkjrRFK Jr Green advocate, Cape Wind antagonist. Go figure.

As the Church Lady from SNL might say,  “Well, isn't that SPE-CIAL?!”

Environmental lawyer, green-at-any-cost activist and all around limousine liberal, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is opposed to the Cape Wind project. Cape Wind is a 25 square mile, “greener than green,” “cleaner than clean,” “alternative energy” “wind farm” on Nantucket Sound,  smack dab in the line of sight from Hyannis. You know -famous Kennedy lair and elite playground of hypocrites too many to mention.

Today’s Wall Street Journal ran RFK Jr.’s editorial titled Nantucket’s Wind Power Rip-off.  Hopefully it was there as either a humor piece or to highlight the complete audacity of such hypocrites; but more likely it was given column width because someone, likewise special, “requested” its placement. The alternate titles that immediately cross your mind are endless: “Help! Someone’s goring MY ox!,” “Charlatan opposed to blow-hards” and “NIMBY  discovers the calculator.”

That the scion of the Kennedy family could write something of this caliber for publication demonstrates proof positive that the Kennedy DNA ran out of functioning brain-stock after the JFK generation – and had started to thin out dangerously even towards the end of that run of progeny.

Let’s review his rant:

Someone needs to tell the politicians in Boston and Washington that Cape Wind, the long-stalled plan to cover 25 square miles of pristine Nantucket Sound with 130 massive steel windmill-turbine towers, is a rip-off. That someone is most likely to be the newly enlightened electricity ratepayers—and voters—of Massachusetts.

Yes, eventually those pesky voters discover the truth.

In the past few months it has become clearer than ever how much this giveaway of public property is going to cost them if Cape Wind is ever built. The numbers are staggering.

And this would be a surprise to…whom?

Vermont wants to take its nuclear plant off line and replace it with clean, green power from HydroQuebec—power available to Massachusetts utilities—at a cost of six cents per kilowatt hour (kwh). Cape Wind electricity, by a conservative estimate and based on figures they filed with the state, comes in at 25 cents per kwh.

Why, that’s shocking! Who knew green energy could be such an expensive “rip-off!”  But wait, is that hydro-power? The kind the environmentalists have blocked all across America because of the damming of rivers? When will we stop killing our fishies?

In Massachusetts, the utility company NSTAR has fought off intense political pressure to commit to buying Cape Wind's power when and if it becomes available. CEO Tom May has repeatedly said such a contract would impose far too large a burden on his ratepayers.

Odd, that has never impressed greenies in the past. Isn’t clean, carbon free energy worth whatever it cost because we’re saving the planet? 

Instead, and to meet the state's requirements that utilities purchase 3.5% of their power from "green" sources, NSTAR has contracted with several far less expensive land-based wind-power providers.

Yes, that state mandated “green” power could really backfire on us.

According to NSTAR's own filings to certify compliance with the green-power requirement, these contracts come in at $111 million below market averages over the standard contract period of 15 years. The price of Cape Wind power comes in at well over $1 billion above market averages, according to Cape Wind's own regulatory filings about its contract with National Grid, the utility company that has agreed to buy half its power.

Hmmm. It sort of sounds like wind-turbine power is not, dare I say it? Cost effective? Maybe we could we revisit those river dams?

If the sea-based wind farm off Nantucket did begin operating, it is safe to deduce that National Grid customers would be getting fleeced compared to their NSTAR neighbors. The land-based wind alternatives that have sprouted up over the last decade have given utilities far cheaper alternatives to the unbuilt Cape Wind.

But not cheaper than any form of conventional power generation, and wa-ay not cheaper than hydro-power. But again, there is that pesky dam issue with the fish. 

Bluntly put: Whether you agree or disagree with the fishermen, homeowners and environmentalists who have fought Cape Wind for a decade, [ed. aside from the fishermen, they’re mostly all Kennedys. And shouldn’t that be ‘fisherpersons”? the fact is this project makes no sense for ratepayers and taxpayers. Vastly cheaper forms of energy, and not just wind, are now available.

No sh*t, Sherlock. We’ve been trying to make that point for, well, a decade or more.

Despite this, there are ominous signs that NSTAR, after years of fighting off pressure by the state of Massachusetts to jam its customers with higher costs, is being told to accept the higher costs after all. The state's leverage? A proposed merger of NSTAR with Northeast Utilities.

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Having your own crap jammed down your own throat?

In only the latest example of how heavy-handed Cape Wind's backers are, Massachusetts has suddenly agreed to change the rules for utilities as they apply to mergers and the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions. In effect, the state administration is trying to hold hostage the proposed NSTAR-Northeast Utilities merger unless the two electric companies agree to buy Cape Wind's power.

Where do those special interest project groups learn to be so heavy-handed? Oh, that’s right: community organizers. And race mongers.

Stopping Cape Wind is no longer merely about preventing the desecration of sacred Native American land, including land now under shallow waters in the Sound, where the turbines would also obstruct religiously significant views of the sunrise and sunset.

Did he write that with a straight face? Really?

It is no longer simply about protecting fish and fishing—which Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has moved to do for other areas of the state. Those reasons, along with protecting the safety of boats and planes while saving Cape Cod and the Islands from a devastating blow to tourism and property values, are still valid.

Operative term: property values.

Stopping Cape Wind is now about preventing us from buying into a boondoggle: from investing desperately needed federal, state and ratepayer dollars in a single project, on public land, for the benefit of a private developer when better and cheaper renewable energy—from wind and water power—is abundantly available.

So Mr. Kennedy, may I put you down as being in favor of building new hydro-dam projects in America? How do you feel about fracking – assuming it’s not done on or anywhere near Cape Cod?

Although Graydon Carter declared that irony was dead a decade ago , I think it is now fair to say it has been resuscitated – and to it’s original meaning. But progressives still have no sense of humor. It’s like the adage, “It’s always funny until it’s about you.” Suffice it to say, this is all about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Can we now announce the official end of the run of Camelot on the American stage?


           To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
           Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
           To the last syllable of recorded time;
           And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
          The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
          Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
          That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
          And then is heard no more. It is a tale
          Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
          Signifying nothing
— Macbeth (Act 5, Scene 5, 19-           28)

* “Jane, you ignorant slut” is the tag line from SNL’s infamous Point/Counterpoint segment with Dan Akyroyd and Jane Curtin.

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Jane, You Ignorant Slut


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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can’t Buy Love? Try Obama’s Corporate Dating Website. Expensive, but Testimonials Swear it Works.


Immelt and the Won peer into the abyss that they’ve created. Together.

"The people who are part of the business sector, the people in this room, have got to stop complaining about government and get some action underway," he told the group. "There's no excuse today for lack of leadership. The truth is we all need to be part of the solution."

That certainly sounds like our acting President. It smacks of his signature style; a patronizing, derogatory pronunciation that combines equal parts ‘harpy’ and ‘preachy’ with trite. It’s the same tone your over-promoted, over-his-head boss uses when he realizes he’s lost the support of the troops; the tone that sets your jaw hard, causing your teeth to grind down on each other.

But no, it wasn’t Obama. It was Jeffrey Immelt. GE’s CEO. Jack Welch’s hand picked successor. I still don’t get that. What was he thinking?

This was Immelt carrying Obama’s water at a U. S. Chamber of Commerce jobs summit last week, following the release of another “disappointing” - and no doubt surprising (perpetually) - jobs report that showed growth had ground to a virtual stand still.

Why, you may ask, would the CEO and chair of President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness tell the group of business representatives that it fell on them to fix things? I thought the economy was one area the government took full responsibility for – outside of election years of course. So, why would Jeff be telling business people that it’s their responsibility to take more risks and – get this – bring back jobs that had been moved overseas. Excuse me? This from the Chairman of G -“we bring good things to China”- E?

But hey, I get it: there just aren’t a lot of other silver arrows in the old quiver right now. And since Immelt was named chair of the COJ, he has brought a few token jobs back on-shore, in order to avoid being nailed with the hypocrite designation when he preaches to other companies. The PR department got out in front of that one.

Immelt also announced that his Council on Jobs has “made a number of recommendations for changes in government policies that should help job creation, such as the executive order announced Monday asking independent agencies to rid their books of old and outdated regulations. Wow! That’s insightful; worthy of an executive task force comprised of a slew of top corporate executives and bureaucrats. I’m amazed it only took them 6 months to come up with that recession buster.

Obama clearly picked the right “jobs czar”  to “task” with the responsibility of  finding solutions to America’s unemployment crisis.

Get rid of outdated regulations?” He has got to be joking. That’s the kind of thing you come up with when the economy is humming along like clockwork and you just don’t want to mess it up. It’s not what you do when unemployment is 9.2% (19% actual), GDP growth languishing under 2%, oil prices broaching another all time high and the Volt is still spinning its coal-fired wheels in the ditch.

But this sage recommendation came as result of the Council on Jobs report that “Shovel-ready was not as … uh .. shovel-ready as we expected.” Let the record further reflect that the President, Immelt and the rest of the Council tittered hardily at this excellent little joke on the American taxpayer.

While he held the Chamber audience captive, Immelt took the opportunity to further shill for the administration by lecturing Chamber members on why it’s critical to raise the debt ceiling, immediately! And yes, you can put him down as being in favor of “shared responsibility” in order to reduce our deficit. He’s all in with the other 80% of Americans who want their taxes raised.

In case you’re wondering, there is no compensation for being “Jobs Czar. ” Not directly anyway. Immelt’s executive compensation at GE is determined in large part by how well GE’s bottom line does. The payoff for all of his heavy lifting around Washington will be reflected in stock options to be cashed in later. I’m betting he’s hoping to cash in much later, when the Republicans are once again in charge and stop talking about additional taxes on the fat cats who make “more money than they need.”

Because after all, and let me make this crystal clear: it’s not about the money. It’s about the amount you get to keep.

If you would like to review all the ways GE’s bottom line has benefited through its ties to the administration, go visit Sadhill’s post : “Bankrupt-Bailed Out-Government-Owned-Tax-Free-Overseas-Job-Outsourcing GE”  and check out the compendium at the end.

Who says you can’t buy love?


we're sending the jobs that a way

The way forward? You do a 180 and run like hell in the other direction. WTF, dude.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Deja-Puke: Republicans Bite It

Do the Republicans in Congress have a death wish? I’m not going to reprise the last two “bites at the apple” because I don’t want my lunch on my computer screen. I already feel like I’m watching the pawn shop basement scene from Pulp Fiction with Obama playing the part of Zed, Harry Reid as Maynard, John Boehner as Marsellus and NOBODY cast in Bruce Willis’  hero role yet.  Although it appears that Michelle Bachmann, Eric the Cantor and Paul Ryan are auditioning.

Do any of the RINOs up on the Hill have the stones to cut up Obama’s credit cards and tell him to live within his means? Then, when he stops crying, present him with a plan to meet our critical obligations without raising the debt ceiling or taxes? Seriously, a little tough love might be appropriate at this juncture since praising, agreeing and cajoling hasn’t resulted in the desired behavior.

So what do you say boys and girls? Anyone willing to employ the time-honored and useful tough love technique?

Any one?


Ok, The Donald checks in:

Yeah, yeah yeah I know, that means we won’t have enough money to fund the EPA, which is critical to Obama’s efforts to complete the collapse of our economy by bankrupting utilities and energy companies who provide energy from sources other than windmills, solar panels or hamsters on treadmills. We also won’t have enough to fund the Justice Department, Homeland Security and BATF;  so there goes our Pigford settlement, airport toddler groping program, and the very successful, “Gun Walker” initiative.

And I haven’t even scratched the surface of the critically important federal government offices, bureaus and departments “servicing” Americans every day that would be closed. I’ll assemble that list when my stomach settles down.

But I’m beginning to understand why the Republicans are unlikely to pull the  plug right away:


fourth bite-bend over copy

Meanwhile,  the infamous no-drama Obama apparently blew a gasket over Eric the Cantor’s audacity to interrupt him midway through his 20 minute answer to a 10 second question yesterday.

Seriously, what a dope.  No, not Cantor.  The other guy with audacity.

See “Call My Bluff, and the N-word gets it!”

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Houston, We’ve got a Problem

When your government lies to you, we might just have a problem.

project-gunrunner-operation-gunrunner-gunwalker-fast-and-furious-barack-obama-eric-holder-janet-napolitano-atf-doj-dhs-sad-hill-newsNow playing in theaters everywhere!

Begin with this, via SadHill , a highlighted screen capture of the DOJ website page:

eric-holder-2009-speech-project-gunrunner-sad-hill-news1click for direct link to DOJ site

The long and short of it: Holder lied.

But Big Government found a 2009 speech by Holder on the Department of Justice's own website that proves the attorney general was well aware of Operation Gunrunner back in 2009:

The problem with Holder’s feigned ignorance is that he gave a speech in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on April 2, 2009, in which he boasted about Operation 'Gunrunner” and told Mexican authorities of everything he was doing to insure its success.

When questioned by the media, Holder also denied knowing anything about Gunrunner:

"Holder's office at first vehemently denied ATF has ever knowingly allowed weapons to get into the hands of suspected gunrunners for Mexico's drug cartels," CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reported.

But at the arms trafficking conference in Cuernavaca, Holder not only acknowledged the program, he bragged that he was in the process of expanding it:

"Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail."

Per SadHill: Holder lied. People died.

While an argument could be made that there’s no way of knowing exactly how many of those 958 people were killed with guns supplied by the BATF-sponsored sales, only a fool fails to understand that it wasn’t the import of Hanna Montana albums that allowed cartel members to kill so many people. They used guns for the majority of those killings, and guns were readily available through “Operation Gun Runner.”

And what’s beyond dispute is the fact that U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down in Mexico in December 2010 with a weapon purchased via “Gun Runner.”

And are we growing too cynical then, if we think that this was an attempt by the Obama administration to establish a reason and emotional support for banning more weapons? Of further impinging on the Second Amendment rights of citizens?  I think not.

It is important to remember that the Obama Administation and the Department of Homeland Security have implied that much of the violence in Mexico is to blame on law abiding gun shop owners who "sell to cartel members" and the Second Amendment, yet continued exposure of Operation Gun Runner shows the government approving the sales reported by shop owners to ATF, giving the green light for weapons to flow freely across the border into dangerous hands, resulting in thousands of innocent deaths in Mexico and  Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona earlier this year. ATF sat by and watched as known criminals purchased the weapons they needed to carry out lethal operations with no take downs of cartels as a result, all while using law abiding gun shop owners as a cover.

And let’s not forget that President Obama himself wrote (ha!) an editorial calling for increased gun control. And Gun Walker was going so well, apparently ATF decided to open another branch in Tampa, walking weapons for MS13 – you remember them: just nice young men who happen to speak Spanish -

to Honduras for the same sick, twisted reason as the Mexican Gun Walkers – whatever that might be.

So to summarize: once again, Houston, we’ve got a problem.


Hello? Houston? Houston?

Oh, I forgot. We defunded them. Oh well, we can just hitch a ride with the Russians. Everything is working out just as we planned it then.

I suspect it may be gratuitous at this juncture to point out that the Second Amendment right to bear arms was carved out specifically – in addition to self defense – as a guard against tyranny. That would be tyranny not as it’s used by hyperbolic media-heads to denote anything they don’t agree with, but good old fashioned tyranny, by your government; of it’s people.

For a bunch of old dead white guys, our founding fathers sure seem to have been a prescient lot.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Acquitted. Another Anthony Weiner Rumor Put to Rest.



Two crying weiners

Let me be the first to say it: Not since the OJ verdict has a more dubiously “innocent” defendant been found not guilty.

This makes the second Anthony story in a month that I never want to hear about again. I’m sick to death of the media coverage of weiners.

Apparently Mom and Dad agree, as they left the courtroom immediately following the reading of the verdict, not even waiting to hug their darling (presumably innocent) baby.

I’ll just go on record with this thought: there’s some bad blood in that family. In every possible way.


The family that cries together…stays together?


All but one, apparently.


God rest your wee soul, Caylee. And may God have mercy on the rest of this sick family.

I’m certain that after both Casey and OJ get out of jail, they can team up to find the real killers. Or maybe open a consulting firm.