Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No “Events” To Mark These Events

NYT’s headline today: White House: No Events to Mark 1st Year in Office.

Au Contraire Mon Frère!

Here’s just a partial list of events  marking the Won’s 1st year in office:

  1. Bank takeovers
  2. Auto takeovers
  3. Insurance takeovers
  4. $790 billion Stimulus/Porkulus package 
  5. European Apology Tour
  6. Mideast Apology Tour (and bow to foreign head of state)
  7. South American Apology/Solidarity Tour (Hugo, Evo, Raul)
  8. Russian Humiliation Tour
  9. Japan Apology Tour (and bow to foreign head of state)

10.     China Humiliation Tour

11.     Copenhagen Humiliation Tour (I)

12.    Copenhagen Humiliation Tour (II)

13.     Nobel Peace Prize Presentation

14.     Terrorist Attacks (2) on America

Additional “events”:

News conferences: 42

Interviews:  158 – 90 on TV, the rest radio, newspapers and magazines including NYT, People, and Oprah

Town halls: 23, including one of the apology tour venues (Strasbourg) and one of the humiliation tour venues (Shanghai)

Domestic Trips: 48

Foreign Trips: 10

Rounds of Golf: 29

Vacations on tony islands: 2

Unemployment: 7.7%

Increase in National Debt: $1.7 Trillion (thanks, China)



I guess I’d stay out of sight on the actual anniversary too. Even if Scott Brown hadn’t won the Kennedy seat in Massachusetts yesterday.