Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Thank you all for your support of our blog over the past year. We have met many kindred souls out here in the ether. Together, we have  challenged the face of “CHANGE” we don’t believe in.

This new year brings more challenges and, most importantly, a chance to shift the “CHANGE”  into reverse come November. Our New Year 2010 Photo Mosaic is made of the faces/icons of many who were clear-eyed enough to see that the clothes have no emperor.



The tribute is far from complete, and you many not agree with some of those included.  But they all share a love of America and a commitment to keep her free.

In order to stay armed for the fight against tyranny,we’ve appropriated the  U.S. Marine’s motto Semper Fidelis, for our New Year’s resolution  adding  it to last year’s: Semper Vigilantes.

Click and zoom to find your favorites.

A “cheat-sheet” listing the friends in the mosaic can be found here.