Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Poetry of Science

One of the remarkable elements if the internet is it's ability to provide any level of anonymity that one chooses. Occasionally we reveal a little more of ourselves, sometimes to invoke authority, other times out of vanity. Team Dewey peels off a small layer of shielding to reveal that the team curriculum vitae includes literature (poetry) and science (nuclear engineering). Today’s revelation is to invoke authority.

From time to time we’ve found great poetry on blogs, and more often, some great insights on science.  At American Digest today, we found both, impossibly combined in a wonderful expression of the poetry of science:


To date no living man has dared
To say that E is not MC squared”


Titanium skaters on lakes of metallic hydrogen
Strew constant curves of crystalline
Isotopes of orange uranium
All about our vacant house.

Enigmas of equations
Slide lattices to rest
In beds of powdered strontium,
Molding energy as form suggests.

In the place of flux we find new forms,
And our flux-formed spaces fold
The charms of magnet's fever
Which conduct the core from pole to pole.

This is just a small excerpt of this piece. Do yourself a favor and read Vanderleun’s entire piece.