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Thursday, August 26, 2010

At Least We’re Not Cleveland: Part Deux

We reported last February that Detroit was officially not the Worst City Ever, when Forbes gave that “honor” to Cleveland. It appears they are not about to give up that title without a fight.

Broke and deeply in debt, Cleveland recently decided to spend $2.5 million on garbage cans fitted with microchips to monitor use. Mark Gillespie reports on that Cleveland is implementing a new mandatory recycling program that will fine you $100 if your garbage is not sorted between “garbage” and recyclables to Waste Collection Commissioner Ronnie Owens’ liking. 

The new automated garbage pick-up and recycling program uses automated garbage trucks that allow the garbage man to sit in the truck, rather than get out and dump the garbage by hand. According to Mr. Gillespie, “Cleveland owns three of these trucks and plans to buy more.”

cleveland garbage man Hard Working Garbage Man? (

But the big part of the new garbage policy is the high tech, Big Brother style monitoring of your recycling habits. The new garbage cans are fitted with microchips which will wirelessly report to “garbage central” how often you recycle. If you fail to meet Ronnie’s expectations, you will be issued a civil penalty packing a $100 fine, and your garbage will be inspected by the Garbage Police to see if you are putting “recyclable materials” in your regular garbage can.

Once again, in spite of the corruption, crime and desolation of Detroit, we Motown residents can stand up and proudly declare:

“At Least We’re Not Cleveland”

That’s Going to Cost You $100