Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hump-Day Reality Check

  • Socialism is on decline in Europe due in part to it’s failure to provide a panacea to the failings of human nature, along with it's inherent – albeit unintended - nurturing of them. Meanwhile, the U.S. races forward to embrace every failed socialist policy/program ever tried, plus a few new models.

  • President Obama gives a fantasy speech to the UN Security Council as the Imperial Potentate of the post partisan, post racial, post nuclear world. Even the French know this is hogwash. The next day – so as not to infringe on the fantasy spun the day before – the president announces Iran’s development of a second facility capable of developing weapon grade nuclear fuel. He acts outraged and threatens, you guessed it, sanctions. Because he just announced global nuclear disarmament the day before. Let’s get with the program, Mahmud.
Somehow French president Sarkozy sounds more reasonable than the leader of the free world: “Obama dreams of a world without weapons ... but right in front of us two countries are doing the exact opposite," Sarkozy said, referring to Iran and North Korea.
  • Award winning “artiste” Roman Polanski, accused, confessed and convicted of drugging and raping a 13 year old girl, is arrested in Switzerland after 30 years on the lam. Instead of applauding justice delayed, France and Hollywood whine that after all this time we should just ignore the crime and the conviction –because..because, well I guess I don’t know why. Because they said so, I guess. The guy is a pedophile and a perv. I would blame the rationalization for ignoring this incredibly heinous act on our public education system, but that doesn’t explain the French.

  • Communist China, who now owns the Empire State Building, will be lighting it up in Red and Yellow today in honor of the birth of Communist China 60 years ago. If you are 20 years either side of 60, I’ll bet you never thought you’d live to see this.

  • Senator Baucus explains why the Senate won’t have the very controversial health care reform bill on line for the public to review 72 hours (or even 1) before the scheduled vote, despite Obama’s pledge to do so as part of his administration’s new transparency: it’s too hard. That’s right. It would be too much work. He claims it would take his staff 2 weeks to upload it to the internet. Huh? Libraries can upload whole books in well under an hour. This doesn’t bode well for the efficient execution of the legislation they are “crafting” for us.

  • A 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll reports that Wal-mart is the institution that best symbolizes America. Other data mined from the poll: Obama was edged out by George Clooney (24 percent to 26 percent) among respondents choosing "which man they would most like to trade places with for a week," followed by Tom Brady and Bruce Springsteen.

Among woman, First Lady Michelle Obama was the favorite, chosen by 26
percent, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton picked by 16 percent, actress
Angelina Jolie by 13 percent and singer Beyonce selected by 12 percent.

Next time, I would suggest they use lab rats for their polls: same results
and no humans would be harmed in the process.

Have a nice day.