Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yes Virginia, There is Evil in the World

Remember Robin, our recovering liberal from Berkley currently posting at American Thinker? She has a post today about evil. The concept of evil is rather critical in a cultural milieu where half the population refuses to accept its existence.

And yet, is there anything more persistent and obvious than evil? Do you need to be of a religious persuasion in order to recognize it? I  think not; you just have to be rational. Unfortunately that leaves many of our liberal brethren behind.

What is it about the liberal mindset that refuses to see the obvious? Does the discomfiture of reality so rock their world that they are forever cursed to live in denial of one of the most pervasive, obvious aspects of life? The simple answer is yes.   They have learned in our great universities that what they have to fear from absolutism is not error, but intolerance. Relativism is their religion, and evil does not exist in its tenets.

People refer to Obama as “naive,” but in fact he’s simply the exemplar of a fully indoctrinated relativist: “I will recognize the validity of your viewpoint, and then, you will recognize mine and we will work out a compromise.” Frankly, that didn’t work in Kindergarten and it becomes increasingly less viable as people approach adulthood and issues become increasingly complex.

Naiveté is far too innocuous a term to apply to this mindset, especially when you are referring to the leader of the free world. More appropriate terms might be: suicidal, imbecilic, dangerous and, yes, evil.

Congratulations Robin. Welcome to the dark side, where we struggle mightily to let in the light.