Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Robin’s New Roost

Remember Robin? The recovering liberal therapist from Berkley? Apparently she's back with a gig at American Thinker, with more tales from the dark side.

Her take on an old Maude episode is worth the read alone:

The Left has become way too serious and sanctimonious for my tastes. But it wasn't always that way. I recently rented the first season of Maude, a show I enjoyed in my youth. I was astonished at how Maude, the white liberal, is affectionately teased throughout for her preachy white guilt. When she goes shopping for a "maid" (that's what they called them then), she insists on hiring a black one to "help" some needy person. When the confident Florida shows up, Maude is so condescending that Florida quits. Florida explains, "I'd rather work for a racist than a white liberal because at least racists won't try to change me." They reconcile, of course, and Florida is a major player on the show, reflecting back to Maude her patronizing ways. The lesson back then to whites: lighten up and laugh at yourself. And be very careful that your crusade for social justice isn't just another form of white arrogance.


Some of the comments are also fun:

Aren't most conservatives former liberals to some extent? All children are liberals. They are naive, selfish, and believe the world works the way they want it to work. They throw tantrums and blame everything on someone else. They think being a kid is cool and adults are uncool. However, many of them gain wisdom and humility later in life and begin to realize how the world really works. Then they become conservatives and move on.


And some gut-wrenchingly true:

…Why so strict on my kids? I knew what the real world was like because I lived inside of it everyday and I understood that the world owed you nothing. If I didn't teach self reliance and self discipline to my kids who would? The liberals?

Certainly not in Berkley.