Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama-care Infomercial: Sham. Wow!

How the health care Sham works: restrict access up-front, deny treatment when the disease is so advanced it’s hopeless, or you’re too old, or you’re too great a risk. Costs are cut – because we don’t have to provide any care. Wow!

Here are a few of the basics you need to know:

Obama-care isn’t the only option to fix the “system”. How about tort reform: maybe those huge malpractice payouts actually get passed on to you the healthcare consumer, you think?

How about we do something about immigration reform. Do you honestly think illegals (hereafter referred to as “undocumented visitors”) are denied healthcare in this country? No, you dolts, health insurance is not the same as health coverage. Check out any emergency room in any city. They’re getting plenty of care. They just aren’t paying for it: you are.

And why does this have to be a federal government program? Perhaps the states (you remember them) can determine what kind of public health care they can afford to offer to their citizens that have no insurance. I’m guessing states that have a large number of “undocumented visitors” can afford less.

That’s just for starters.

But let’s look at the numbers driving this “crisis”: of the 45 million uninsured, 20 million(estimated) are “undocumented visitors.” How many more counted as uninsured are on some kind of government assistance (Social Security, Medicaid)? I don’t know, but I know they are not denied care. And how many more could afford health insurance but choose not to because – oh, I don’t know, they want a new car instead? Again, I don’t know, but I know if they are seriously ill, they will be treated (and likely never pay the bill: you will). Then there’s the group that just chooses to pay as they go: a lot of young adults and the Amish for example. Not a wise choice perhaps, but this is America. You are free (for now) to make bad choices.

Please stop believing every stupid thing you hear because it rolls off the lips of the enlightened idiots that populate Washington and New York. (“And by law they could not, and would not, say it if it were not true!”)

Speaking of lies: Did you hear the one about Barry saying he’ll allow you to go to your own Doctors? That’s a thigh slapper. Thanks Barry, I feel better knowing you don’t intend to withdraw my freedom of choice – just yet.

And there’s the one about the single-pay system not driving private insurance companies out of business, and not forcing employers into the socialist health care plan. Right. The socialist healthcare plan is funded by the seemingly unlimited deep pockets of the taxpayers. Employers will be faced with buying private insurance for their employees from a provider that needs to raise capital and make a profit – or getting if free from the government, thus cutting their costs to stay competitive. Tough call.

During ABC’s infomercial, Charles Gibson told Obama that “some have expressed concern” that private insurance companies wouldn’t be operating on a level playing field with the government plan. Obama rebuffed the concern, (in that snotty way he has when he doesn’t like the question) arguing that "we can set up a public option where they're collecting premiums just like any private insurer and doctors can collect rates," but because the public plan will have lower administrative costs "we can keep them [private insurance companies] honest." Name one public plan that has lower administrative costs than its private counterpart. Maybe the Post Office?No, they are talking about cutting service to 5 days to stem the losses they’re running. If you absolutely, positively have to have it the next day, you’re not going to trust the US Post Office. Why would you trust the government with your life?

A closing point, before dashing off to worry about Crap and Tax: if this is such a damn fine plan, why does the bill as drafted exempt members of Congress? So how good is Obama-care? It's not good enough for Barry. Or Michelle. Or the girls, or the dog. But it's good enough for you.