Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Monday, June 22, 2009

Star Wars in the Age of Aquarius

There was a huge outcry from the Left to cut military spending after the collapse of the Iron Curtain. The general gist of the argument was:

“We no longer have to worry about nuclear devastation because now the Russians are just all cute and cuddly, and China’s just busy making cheap crap for us, and buying up our real estate and companies, so they’re really no threat. So let’s cut back on military spending and scrap any crazy ideas about a national missile defense system. ‘Star Wars’ is crazy - and we sure don’t need such an elaborate, sophisticated, expensive system now that we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius. Let’s spend the “ peace dividend” on social programs (which can never be big enough, or inclusive enough).”

What kind of naiveté would lead you to believe that the economic collapse of one dictatorial regime would preclude another from doubling down? How ignorant of the human condition does one have to be to think that the entire history of mankind was reversed by the crumbling of one economically bereft totalitarian government?

This is what astounds me about progressive’s slogan-strewn political “thinking”: If they wish it to be so, they assume it can, and will be so. Regardless of all evidence to the contrary. Quick Quiz: When in the annuls of recorded history has there not been a war, or wars, going on? This includes, civil wars, tribal wars, religious wars, national wars, international wars. I will exclude the war on drugs, although there are signs that it, too, could evolve into a real war. Well anyway, get back to me when you have the answer.

The point is, no matter how badly you wish it to be otherwise, human beings are a pugnacious bunch, given to fighting both with outsiders and ourselves. Furthermore (note to Barry) you can count on diplomatic solutions breaking down: either when one party doesn’t get everything they want, or – even if they do- suddenly thinking of something else they want. For the foreseeable future the seven deadly sins can be counted on to generate monsters in our midst. Sorry if this offends your sensitivities, but if it were not so, we would not have prisons stuffed with sociopaths who have committed heinous crimes against their fellow humans.

So had we listened to the “give peace a chance” crowd and passed entirely -instead of just cutting way back - on the development of a national missile defense system, many Americans would be sleeping less well than they already do. Let’s count the maniacal dictators that have or want a nuclear arsenal. There’s everyone’s favorite little pot-bellied pig, Kim Jong Il of NoKo. Then there’s Iran’s Ahmadinejad, or whoever the Mullahs decide to put in power. Their desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth is well documented. And then they will discover they want more. There’s also a rumor that Syria may have had a desire to build nukes, before Israel bombed their rumored site. Now they have to work with Iran. We also have Pakistan, our ally by a thin thread, and currently home to al Qaeda – who would love to"strike at the head of the snake" with Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal . And we would be fools to ignore Hugo Chavez. He has the dictatorship, the oil money and the desire to be one of the big boys. It’s nice to know we have some defense system in place should any of them decide to send their message of peace inside our borders.

But then I see we’re still not all that concerned. On June 17 Democrats blocked $1.2 billion for missile defense systems while almost simultaneously inserting a $1 billion “cash for clunkers” amendment into an emergency military funding bill. To boost auto sales because I guess we didn’t do enough for them with the bailouts. Or maybe it’s to “green” the environment. Whatever.

Just shoot me. Now.