Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodbye Columbus, Redux

The Wall Street Journal ran an article yesterday titled “Is the Columbus Holiday Sailing Off the Map?” in which they explain why Columbus Day is no longer a noteworthy holiday for some.

This gives me an excellent opportunity to celebrate the day and do a little green-blogging (aka “re-cycling posts”).

From the vaults to your eyes: “Goodbye Columbus” in which we mourn the demise of the holiday at Brown University.

As noted in the WSJ article:

His supporters acknowledge Columbus took slaves back to Spain and opened the door to conquistadors who killed Native Americans. But much of the criticism is built on "judging a 16th century man by 21st century standards," says Dona De Sanctis of the Order Sons of Italy in America, a group of half a million Italian-Americans that tries to defend Columbus' legacy.

And yet, in the morass of multiculturalism, we refuse to hold 21st century men accountable for practicing 16th century customs.