Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake, and Other Revolutionary Ideas From the Front

President Obama tells us that health care reform does not include illegal aliens (undocumented workers, for the deconstructionists), and the “right-wing racists” don’t believe him.

He says there won’t be rationing, and right-wing racists and senior citizens don’t believe him.

He says there will be no death-panels and, again, the right-wing racists don’t believe him, senior citizens don’t believe him and parents of special needs children don’t believe him. And left-wing racists are starting to get queasy.

He tells us that we can keep our doctor, and that the public option will be voluntary; and the right-wing racists with private insurance, as well as the left-wing racists with private insurance, think it’s a lie.

He says there will be no public funding of abortion and nobody believes him.

Why is that?  Where does all this hostility and doubt come from?  Has the proletariat finally trained their ears to pick up on political doublespeak a mile away? Is it because when their betters tell them that “it’s in there” or “it’s not in there”, they know that  there’s no there there?

Is it that they know that until there is a final health care bill that  both Houses will vote on, the pols are free to lie to us with impunity? That despite this president’s pledge of transparency, all of the real decisions are going to be made in the previously smoke filled back rooms?

Could it be that the populace is finally onto the endless games that politicians play to our eternal detriment?

Could Daniel Henninger be correct? Could there be a global disgust with the electorate class and their enablers, which he describes as:

…lumpen bureaucratariat—the permanent, often faceless overclass of gerrymandered politicians, bureaucrats for life and the public unions and special interests that swim alongside like pilot fish.

Have we perhaps finally figured out that nobody is looking out for us? We’re just here to feed the giant maw of government:

In short, the lumpen electorate works, and the lumpen bureaucratariat spends. They get away with it because they have perfected the illusion that no human hand causes these commitments. The payroll tax just happens. Entitlements are "off-budget," presumably in the hands of God. This is government without the responsibility of governance.

Grab your pitchfork. A revolution might be coming soon to a village near you. And thank you, but we’ll pass on the cake. We know how to make our own bread.