Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Nuts on

Have you ever wondered what ACORN workers do in between  elections – when they’re not arranging mortgages for the Keebler elves to buy homes in oak trees all across America?

It turns out that some of them provide advice on how to lie to banks and the US treasury department, also known as tax fraud. But you won’t see this video on 60 Minutes, or any other main stream news outlet.  It was made by a conservative journalist posing as a pimp and a young woman portraying a prostitute. They went to an ACORN office in Baltimore to find out how to qualify for a mortgage. For his whore house - that would be staffed with illegal, underage prostitutes from El Salvador. Sure it sounds like a joke, but apparently it didn’t sound like one to the ACORN staff. No. The ACORN staffers took it very seriously.

And the ever helpful staffers provided the “pimp”with great advice on how to get a mortgage for his whore house; including: be sure to refer to the girls as “performance artists,”  claim the underage illegal aliens as dependents on his tax returns, and that it would be best not to mention that the girls were turning tricks, especially since they were underage. Watch the whole thing at .

We knew ACORN was a “performance artist” for the Democratic party, but who knew they were also willing to pimp for entrepreneurs in the free market of child pornography?

Oh, and did I mention that ACORN is eligible to get $8.5 billion in tax payer funding as result of the Stimulus Bill? I guess to tell people how to work the system. Have a nice day.