Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Monday, September 21, 2009

If They Talk Long Enough, A Truth Slips Out

I just love it when New York Times columnists accidently tell the truth. Especially when they expose themselves  in the process. Take Bob Herbert’s column today, for example.

First he explains that Jimmy Carter spoke one of the 10 great truths in America when he charged anyone disagreeing  with the Obama Doctrine with racism. He even describes Carter’s statement as a Homer Simpson “doh!” moment: if you don’t see racism in the emotional agitation against the President, you,sir, are an idiot and a liar. Then he turns around to remind us that St. Jimmy himself:

(… During his presidential campaign in 1976, … blithely let it be known that he had no problem with residents “trying to maintain the ethnic purity of their neighborhoods,” and he tossed around ugly terms like “black intrusion” and “alien groups.” He later apologized.)

Hmmm. Can apologizing make you not a racist? He maybe needs to apologize some more if that’s the case, as he’s the only one I’ve ever heard call Obama a “black boy.” And it just seems to roll off his tongue.

Herbert has inadvertently exposed the truth that non-racists everywhere have always suspected: those who scream “racist” loudest and most frequently, who see racism no matter where they turn, are usually the biggest racists in the room. I reach this conclusion because pretty much everything else in Herbert’s column appears to be angry accusations of racism hurled in the direction of the other party.

But hey, read Herbert’s column yourself and tell me who you think is stirring up racism for their own purposes.

And then there’s this, from the op-ed pages that just keep on giving: An insight from Maureen Dowd: Women are unhappier now than they used to be. Read Ms. Dowd’s  column carefully to track her demons.  She quotes from the study’s authors, but we get the distinct feeling that her observations are based more on her own “research.”  She takes many different paths into her existential dead end, but it seems to boil down to this: Feminists and Feminism transformed females from sex objects into …sex objects with full time jobs.  So I guess the whole point of her column is that she’s unhappy. Man, who could of seen that one coming?

Maureen didn’t ask for advice, and she clearly doesn’t need it because it’s embedded right there in her own copy: You’re nearly 60 years old. Stop trying to look  and act like you’re in your 20’s. Do you want to end up looking like Nancy Pelosi, for God’s sake? Because you’re well on your way.

Geeeze. I really should have been a therapist. How hard is it?

nota bene: all snarky things directed towards girls of any age in this blog are written by She-Dewey. He-Dewey is not permitted to participate in that game. House rules.