Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Racist, by Definition

I really don’t want to address this (again), but frankly I still dislike being called a racist by Democratic demagogues simply for disagreeing with Obama’s idiotic policies. As Mark Steyn noted, he vehemently objected to nationalized healthcare in both Canada and Britain: two places not known for electing many African American candidates.

Apparently the Left cannot comprehend objections based on principled political philosophy and reason. That leaves them with the conclusion that disagreeing with Obama’s policies must be based on hatred and bigotry. It speaks volumes to how liberals think about the big issues that separate us.

Are there racists in the country? Of course. That’s why the allegation of racism is the most politically charged allegation that can be hurled against anyone. And that is why liberals use it in place of logic, and in lieu of facts.

Racist, by definition 

Frank Rich is the latest to recycle the charge: he tells us that Tea Partiers rallying cry to “take our country back” is simply a racial reaction to "the conjunction of a black president and a female speaker of the House." How does Rich square this charge, as David Paul Kuhn points out, with Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign rallying cry of "It's time to take our country back!"? 

Not a racist. By definition.

He doesn’t have to. Being a Democrat, Dean, by definition, is not a racist. Tea Partiers, being conservatives, are by definition racists. This is the same sort of logic currently being used in “scientific” studies conducted on everything from medical efficacy to global warming. The results of such fallacious “scientific”  research are pumped out and we are expected to accept them at face value. But like the Left’s charges of “racism” they are based on predetermined conclusions, anecdotal evidence, and can be proved to be incorrect: all of which are antithetical to logic.

We live in dangerous times, my friends. Dangerous times.