Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hold the Salt and Call the Dietitian

Ay, yi, yi! I’m going to steal Hot Air’s title for this video because, honestly, it says it all:

Moron wants to fine chefs for cooking with … salt!


Because if you can’t balance the state’s budget, at least legislate the salt shakers. I’m pretty sure that’s what you were elected to do: protect your constituents from the evils of sodium.

All of you who think that all of us who rail about government intrusion into our lives are just right wing whack jobs, listen up. Sure, salt-guy is just some two-bit New York state assemblyman. But, hello, that’s the point! If the bottom tier pols think they can and should tell you how to live your life (i.e. they know better than you) just imagine how this instinct escalates as these little pols move up the feeding chain. By the time they reach the U.S. Congress they will be telling you what kind of health insurance you must buy. And whether or not you can have the surgery, or would be better off just taking the pain pill. Nothing is above, or below, their pay grade.

You snickered when  smoking was banned and we said, next it will be butter. OK, we were wrong. It wasn’t butter, it was transfat. And as anyone can tell you, McDonald’s fries haven’t been the same since. Butter won’t be banned until after Obamacare passes, at which time you will be required to turn in your Snickers, Doritos, Twinkies and Big Gulps too. Oh, and that Starbucks mocha caramel macchiato? Fuggetaboutit!carmel macchioto


Does not meet new government mandated maximum caloric count




And for those of you who believe that Michelle Obama is doing the Lord’s work by telling Americans how to raise their kids, all I can say is you better brush up on the basic principles of Newspeak. You’re going to need it.