Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Friday, March 19, 2010

ObamaCare: the New Crap and Trade

According to Administration sources today, the House is still 6 votes short of passing Obamacare. But don’t worry they will buy them, no matter the cost.

Who knows how many of votes have been bought  so far, and for what? Clandestine promises to Representatives for their districts or themselves or family members, otherwise known as bribes, have been horse traded now for months. How transformative. How transparent. But even setting all that aside, Dr. Zero at Hot Air has this to say about the healthcare bill:

Even discounting the sewer system of underhanded deals and bribes needed to push ObamaCare through Congress, distorting it beyond any semblance of a carefully-designed plan, it’s foolish to accept it as a “solution” to health care “problems.” No government program is a solution to anything. I’m not referring to their inefficiency or cost. I’m talking about their very nature.

A government program is not a carefully-designed system, or even an enduring commitment. It is a promise. Systems require discipline. For example, the operation of an aircraft carrier is a very complex system, which relies upon many individuals to perform carefully-defined duties. Failure to perform these duties results in punishment or dismissal. All of the crew members understand this, so the system is reliable. When the captain orders a fighter to launch, he knows the deck crew and pilot will quickly obey. The crew and pilot, in turn, know that the captain would not order a launch for no good reason. Everything happens with speed, efficiency, and precision, because the system is illuminated by trust.

Government social programs don’t work that way. They can’t. Today’s Congress cannot bind future sessions with discipline. They can only saddle their successors with obligations. The national debt has grown to staggering proportions because debt is the only thing each new Administration and Congress inherit from those who went before.

One need look no further than Social Security’s original 1935 promise and projections to see how inaccurate government projections are, and how incapable they are of delivering on promises made. And how a relatively modest idea grows far-reaching tentacles over time. No one is responsible for the care and management of the whole system. Everyone just wants to slap on a few additional lights and ornaments and ignore the fact that the tree is dead.

Dr. Zero goes on to point out that it would be madness to place our trust in the hands of the party of  Charlie Rangle, John Conyers, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Harry Reid. And equally foolish to place our trust it in the hands of the Republicans. Politics, always a less than pristine practice, has become mired in chicanery and malfeasance.

It would be a horrible mistake to accept a deal with the creators of history’s most staggering national debt, based on assurances they will place your interests ahead of theirs, for decades to come.

Just an additional reminder why government is never the logical place to look for answers to life’s nagging problems.

And as for the CBO’s scoring of the House bill - it’s time to reprise the old saying GIGO: garbage in, garbage out. If anyone actually believes the price that has been attached to this plan, they need to go back to reality school. The CBO prices the gimmicks that are presented to them. Like collecting additional taxes for 4 years before any of the benefits are provided, then pricing the bill on only 10 years. What happens the second 10 years, ladies and gentleman? Oh that’s right. You don’t care. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The so called “Dr. Fix” is a bold-faced scam, that if pulled in a business transaction would land you in jail.

But never mind all that. We all know that Obama is focused on jobs and the economy. And this is a jobs bill. 16,000 new IRS agents! In order to track you down and verify that you have bought your government mandated health insurance from a government approved provider.

Call or email your Representative TODAY and tell them how you feel about their crap and trade healthcare bill (2300 pages of crap plus an additional 150+ pages of trade). Because healthcare modification requires honest crafting of changes that actually improve the healthcare delivery system, not destroy it.  Because the mid-term is not soon enough.

UPDATE: Michelle Maulkin has the bribe-list to date, and Riehl World has the undecideds with links.