Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Connecting the Dots

While the press is busily working on the “It’s Bush’s fault for ticking him off” meme, the White House - while not busy “keeping their foot on BP’s throat” (remind me: why is it that the Right is always portrayed as "jack-booted thugs?”) - is blaming Emirates Airlines for almost letting the Times Square bomber out of the country, we have an alternate opinion from former 9/11 Commission vice chair and Democratic congressman Lee Hamilton:

Hamilton reminds ABC News that “the 9/11 commission recommended that you had to have biometric evidence, documentarian evidence of people coming in and exiting” the country. “We’ve done a pretty good job on the first part of it people entering the country. But with regard to those exiting the country we simply have not been able to set up a system to deal with that and it showed in this case.

The most interesting thing here is that Hamilton thinks we’ve done a good job of getting biometric and documentarian evidence of people entering the country. Really? I guess that would be except for the 20-plus million people who have crossed our southern border illegally, and are therefore unknown to anyone in Homeland Security.

I hope terrorists never think of flying into Mexico City, instead of JFK.