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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who Blew Up Detroit?

OK people. Christmas is definitely over. Umal Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up a Northwest/Delta flight upon descent for landing at Detroit’s Metro Airport on Christmas. He was on a law enforcement-intelligence database but was not on the government's no-fly list. One can only speculate at this juncture why he had been placed in the database. One can only speculate on which politically correct directive prevented him from being placed on the no-fly list.

According to the suspect's entry visa, he was flying from Nigeria to the United States for a religious seminar, ABC News reported. His visa was issued June 16, 2008, and was good until June 12, 2010. Federal officials said he was traveling one way, without a return ticket, NBC reported.

That doesn’t make him sound suspicious. Despite the fact he is supposedly an engineering student in London. England, not Ontario.


Why on earth would al-Qaida target Detroit to detonate a bomb? Experts suggest one reason might be our “diverse” population base makes it easier for “foreign” aka Muslim terror suspects to “blend-in”.

I don’t know. I would think if you’re going to blow something up, you’d target an area where the effects would be more obvious. Some place where it doesn’t already look like a bomb went off.

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