Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Do You Think They Would Profile These Guys?

OK, this is a cheesy way to re-post one of our favorite videos(originally posted 7-4-09).

But I’m just wondering how blatant you would have to be to get patted down if you are black and have a Muslim name? How far will national and international security agents be required to bend over so as not to be accused of “profiling?”

Consider the plight of our local Detroit firecracker, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. He tried to blow up a Northwest flight upon landing from Amsterdam - inadvertently setting  himself on fire in the process. He managed to pass all airport screening procedures with a load of PETN explosives in his underwear. So I’m just wondering how far you could go, being a black Muslim, and not be stopped for additional inspection?  Would these guys get waved through too?  Even though they look like Roman candles in burkas?


And I’m sorry Bruno (aka Janet Napolitano), by no stretch of anyone’s imagination – other than the sycophantic MSM – could one claim this demonstrated that “the system worked.”  Just a quick run down on the pertinent facts: his father warned the US Embassy in November that he thought his son had been “radicalized”  by al-Qaeda, but he was not placed on a no-fly list. He walked onto an international flight with a pant-load full of explosives. He attempted to detonate it, but, due to his own ineptitude, only managed to set himself and the plane’s interior wall on fire. Whereupon a Dutch tourist tackled him and extinguished the blaze. What page of the anti-terrorism manual covers that strategy, Bruno?

Yeah, you can get back to me after you’ve briefed the Obama-Claus in Oahu.