Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now We’re Just Quibbling Over the Price

As you go about your holiday chores and celebrations, you might want to file these 9 graphs from the Doug Ross Journal away, in order to argue with the relatives if necessary.

Top Ten Health Care Charts You’ll Never See.  Just a couple of highlights:


The "lawsuit industry" gives more money (roughly $127 million in 2008) to Congress than every sector of the health care industry, combined.

Medical malpractice costs continue to skyrocket to new historical highs, growing far faster than any other component of health insurance premiums.


Got that? Tort reform could go a long way towards curing what’s wrong with runaway health care cost without blowing up the whole system. But then, Barry and Harry are lawyers. As are a great many of their colleagues. And apparently they can all be bought. It’s just a matter of price.

“We’ve already established what sort of a woman you are madam, now we are just quibbling over price.”