Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

World Tour Wrap-up

Is there anyone that BHO didn’t either apologize to or insult on his rock tour?

After apologizing all week for America’s arrogant liberation of Iraq, the O rolls into Bagdad to speak to the troops. He’s received as a rock star there too. The advance team must have started the kegger early.

Carol Negro has a great take on Obama’s apology tour remarks:

He told them America is not a good leader, that we are just one of many nations, that we are arrogant, pushy, derisive of their great wisdom and partnership, and will not act unilaterally in the future.
Now. Let me translate: "America won't be saving your ass ever again. You're on your own."
… But Obama's apologies are carrier-waves for a deeper message that everyone seem to have missed — especially the cheering throngs of European Obamaniacs.
When they really need us next time, we won't be there to help. We won't do a thing without the political permission of the governments of Europe, and the direct participation of their 'armies'. We're disarming and weakening our military -- for peace -- as you all have done. We're going to spend our money on "social justice" and progressive programs, not our warmongering military.

Her conclusion: Obama doesn’t like Europe any better than he likes America.

Today’s Bonus Round: Charles Krauthammer’s take on Obama’s “arrogance” comment in the Strasbourg speech from Friday’s Special Report with Bret Baier .

This is the “long” version as the short YouTube version has been (curiously) pulled. Definitely worth it. Krauthammer is linguistically everything Obama is not: thoughtful, rational, literate, well-informed and articulate – even without a teleprompter. For all I know, he may be clean too.