Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Saturday, April 11, 2009

When Polls Take Precedence Over Principal

A small article on page 2 of the April 10 Wall Street Journal outlined the Democrats strategy to retain control in the 21st  century. It entails duplicating a proven 20th century strategy: create a  large constituency of victims beholden to you - this time Hispanics.

The article delineates Rahm Emanuel’s  evolving position on immigration. While he was in the Clinton White House, he positioned himself and Clinton as tough on immigration, antagonizing Hispanic lawmakers and activists. That position, like everything else in the Clinton era, was poll driven.

Mr. Emanuel has long been a voice of caution on easing rules for immigrants, fearing such a position could hurt Democrats at the polls…

Now, shifting attitudes, or at least shifting poll results, indicate  that the Hispanic vote can be bought with Democratic promises just as Black votes always have been.  Emanuel “read the numbers” and saw “the impact of the Latino vote.”  This new found wisdom informed Emanuel’s  sensibilities and led to his cosmic shift. Pragmatists tend to be like that.

While certainly a great strategy for the Democrats, it’s bad for everyone else - from taxpayers to the Hispanic community. The Dems are now teaming up with groups like La Raza - itself a racist organization not unlike  Rev. Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition band of hucksters and criminals - to herd Hispanics into a special interest voting block. But Hispanics, who we are told over and over again come to this country to work and to improve their lives, might want to look at the fate of Blacks after 50 years of doting care and feeding by Democratic social engineers. Here’s the final score:

The black family has been effectively destroyed.  The out-of wedlock birthrate for blacks is now over 70%: fatherless families are the norm.

Education quality in black communities continues to decline and the drop-out rate continues to rise – less than 25% of children in Detroit's public school system graduate from high school – while the amount of money poured into this failed system continues to increase. Detroit’s public school budget this year is over $1.1 billion to educate fewer than 95,000 students - of which fewer than 24,ooo will graduate. You do the math.

Black leaders in Black run cities - like Detroit’s  Kwame Kilpatrick -continue the rhetoric of racial injustice while running political organizations seething with graft and corruption. Their administrations effectively siphon off millions of dollars and redirect them into the pockets of cronies and crooks while leaving their citizens and cities in  a cesspool of decline and ruin.

A sense of community and family has been replaced by drug culture and  hip-hop jive.

If Hispanics can’t connect the dots between this cause and effect, they’ve probably been educated in an inner-city school: brought to you by liberals in sheep’s clothing.