Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days, 100 Ways…

The MSM has been hyping this day since the O sealed the nomination. They knew it would be transformative. Indeed, it has been that.

Let’s recap the damages so far:

How many new terrorist groups have been identified?

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Catholics, Fundamentalist Christians, and Canadians, eh?

How many businesses/industries have been, or are targeted for nationalization?

Autos (GM for sure, maybe Chrysler) Banks/Financial Services (AIG, Citibank, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase - you get the idea), Health care (make no mistake that the Obama plan is anything short of nationalized healthcare; Charles Krauthammer is the first to rear the ugly head of "rationing" as a vital element of his plan), and quite possibly energy (if he can’t rid the country of its addiction to “conventional” energy like coal, oil and gas by fiat, perhaps he can manage it through taxation - then the government can control all new “clean” energy.)

How many CEO’s have been whacked?

Merrill Lynch’s John Thain, GM’s Richard Wagner, and BoA’s Kenneth Lewis has been kissed. For the time being Ford’s Mulally and Chrysler’s Nardelli have blocked the hit by teaming up with rival families: Mulally is casting his fate with the Capitalist family and Nardelli's sticking with the godfathers back in the old country. But watch your backs boys.

How many additional trillion dollars in debt has he plunged the country?

This is a trick question. Do you mean this year? ($1.5 trillion) or this decade? (too big to count)

How many new tyrannical dictators have been added to his Facebook friends?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega, King Abdullah, : there will be more, he’s still working off the list Bill Ayers gave him.

How many apologies for America has he made?

Salzburg: apologizes for being arrogant, dismissive, even derisive (note to BHO: the preferred English pronunciation is di-ˈrī-siv - does not rhyme with “dismissive”) Prague, apologies for Guantanamo, our attitude towards the Muslim world, and the audacity of Harry Truman’s decision to put the wellbeing of his country and his country’s soldiers ahead of the enemy that launched the war against us. Now on to the South American “We Suck” Tour. Here he apologizes for the US being dictatorial in our dealings with the southern hemisphere, assuring the leaders of Central and South America of “engagement based on mutual respect and common interests and shared values.” Apology for being dictatorial? To half of the dictators on earth? And since when has the US shared values with socialist dictators? Wait, let me answer that…

How many “green” initiatives have been proposed that will drag on the economy, increase taxes and undermine the country’s ability to develop conventional domestic energy such as oil, gas, coal and nuclear. All the while promulgating the big lie of global warming, henceforth known as “climate change”?

Any, and all. Be assured, no green initiative will be left unturned. For example, O's exploring radical geoengineering solutions to global warming: shooting sulfur particles into space to block the rays of the sun. He really does think he’s the messiah. If you can take it, here's the White House view of how to save our planet. And don’t forget “Cap and Trade”, more accurately known as “Cap and Tax”: the best vehicle yet conceived to control the entire economy.

How many of our freedoms/liberties and how much of our sovereignty has he given to international entities?

Financial Regulation: At the G20 meeting he signed off on the international legislation called the Financial Stability Board. This will place every firm, including US companies, under the responsibility of an international governmental agency. The global regulator now has the authority to examine all US banks, brokerage firms and corporations including non-financial companies such as the Big Three automakers to examine operations and determine risk. Hard to believe isn’t it? Parenting: UN Treaty on Children’s Rights, about to be ratified by congress.

How many weapons (real and psychological) has he eliminated from the arsenal established to protect us from foreign enemies and terrorists?

No more Gitmo, no more enemy combatants, war on terror, or terrorism. Enhanced Interrogation - gone. And we gave our enemies the rules and guidelines so they can be prepared in case we’re ever in a position to capture and interview them. Now we’re more civilized. We have “overseas contingency operations”, and man-caused disasters. And as a result, no more terrorists, just disaster-ators.

How many departments/functions previously independent of the executive office has he moved into the purview of the White House? Bonus points if you can identify the nefarious reasons for doing so.

Besides moving the Census from Commerce to the White House, and including an additional billion dollars in funding from the Porkulus bill (the census is automatically funded), and establishing a new Health Reform Office to develop national health care, the initiatives are literally too numerous to list. For details here's an eye-opening white paper.

How many nominees for appointments withdrew either for charges of pay-to-play, failure to pay taxes, or the nebulous “personal reasons” (“personally, I don’t want to discuss my failure to pay taxes”); or, alternately, were approved despite such problems?

Bill Richardson, Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer, Hilda Solis, Timothy Geithner, Susan Tierney, Jane Garvey, Gary Locke, Annette Nazareth, Caroline Atkinson, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Ron Kirk. And who knows what the deal was with Caroline Kennedy. And folks, we’re done yet. There are still zoodles of unfilled positions.

And a late entry into 100 day accomplishments lists: How many Republican Senators did he persuade to defect to the Democrats?

None. What? Arlen Specter? Ha, ha. That’s a good one!

How many campaign promises already broken?

Who cares?

By any measure, it’s been a stunning 100 days. America, I hardly knew ye.