Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekly Review in Dew Points

Random thoughts from the week:

  • H1N1 vaccine was sent to Wall Street firms by New York City government health authorities while little children and pregnant women are still waiting in line. We wouldn’t want Barry’s Banks to sneeze now, would we? We all remember what happened last time.

But this shouldn’t raise any flags or concern about how health care rationing will operate when we get Obama-care.

  • Allahu akbar! Fort Hood monster “likely” shouted “Allahu akbar” (Allah is Great) before his terrorist rampage. Interestingly, so did Sulejman Talović, the shooter at the Trolley Plaza mall in Salt Lake City who killed 5 and wounded 4 in 2007 before being taken out by police. Oh, and he was a member of a fundamentalist mosque right around the corner from the mall. He received a hero’s funeral when returned to his native Bosnia for a proper Muslim burial. But you probably didn’t hear much about any of that. The self-censuring MSM decides how much of the truth you can handle.
  • Cash for Clunkers may not save  Barry’s Autos, but it did provide a nice little boost for Sirius XM radio, whose 3rd quarter numbers reported the first uptick in the number of new subscribers since last year. Probably due to the free introductory subscription you get with a new car purchase. The company warns that things are likely to drop off in the 4th quarter. But hey – another million jobs saved or created!
  • The city of Detroit also reports a significant increase in jobs saved or created in some of the few remaining growth industries inside the city limits: urban explorers, firebugs and demolition specialists.
  • BHO will be going up to the Hill today to persuade his loyal followers to vote for his (and Nancy’s) Health care bill. The basic theme of the little pep talk will be “Trust me. Words don’t really matter.” This will be a follow-up on a round of discussions last week conducted by Rahm ‘Steel-Balls’ Emanuel  with squeamish House members. He advised them to just vote yes, because the bill was going to be changed to everyone’s liking later on anyway. ‘Steel-balls’ figures that since they sold the rest of the world on the “vote for change” concept, they can surely get this batch of rubes to come around.
  • Also in White House news: BHO conducted his traditional happy hour at the White House on Friday. Some thought it odd that he didn’t fly out to Texas to console the survivors and comfort the relatives of the deceased. But hey, it’s not like some right wing extremist opened fire on a mosque in Detroit, or some other such tragedy that would require the President’s attendance. This particular slaughter didn’t offer much opportunity to apologize for America.
  • I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Barney Frank. He had to leave the floor of the House to answer some pesky questions related to a pot bust at the Maine home of his boyfriend back in 2007 in which pot plants, bongs and other paraphernalia was confiscated. This would probably be old news, but for the fact Barney’s sponsoring a bill that appears to legalize marijuana. But don’t worry, Barney tells us that he wouldn’t recognize a bong if it hit him. And I believe him. It seems he’s easily “twicked” by people with less than sterling intentions; like his friends at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Here’s a nice, concise history of how he was “twicked” by the organizations that later gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.

Barney, what are we to believe? Either you’re stupid, or you were stoned.

I presume pot will be included in the mental health coverage of our new health care plan.