Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Give California to the Fidel Worshippers

Meet Dianne Watson, another shining example of public education’s efficacy. She’s a Democratic Representative from California, and that’s probably all you need to know, but for additional grist there’s this:


Just for the record, she can’t really be stupid because she has a PhD  in Education.

But she is a race baiter. One of the enlightened left that contends if you object to  the Obama Care nationalized healthcare solution you’re a racist. (What was our excuse when we opposed Hillary Care? We were sexists? Never mind, they don’t need any more ideas.)

By her own admission she hasn’t read the Health care bill yet, in any of its forms (can’t fault her there, no one else has either.) But she thinks it’s great.

And she thinks Fidel Castro was a hero who saved Cuba…from god-only-knows what. Here’s a little peek at the Cuba fashioned by “one of the brightest leaders I’ve ever met.”  She probably thinks Ahmadinejad is in Einstein’s league– well, except for the Jewish part.We’ve really got to raise public school standards.

Here’s a partial transcript from her Town Hall:

WATSON: You might have heard their philosophical leader. I think his name is Rush Limbaugh. And he said early on, “I hope that he fails.”
Do you know what that means? If the president, your commander-in-chief, fails, America fails.
Now, when a senator says that this will be his Waterloo, and we all know what happened at Waterloo, then we have him and he fails. Do we want a failed state called the United States?
And remember: They are spreading fear and they are trying to see that the first president that looks likes me fails.
Now just understand what’s at the bottom line.
And you know we just got, 48 hours ago, we just go back, we were in Beijing, China, Hong Kong, China, we were in Taiwan, we were in Guam, we were all over the Far East.
I just want you to know: People look at the United States as a country that has changed its way and has elected someone from Kenya and Kansas, I’ll put it like that.

And they’re saying, “We thought you would never do that.”
So we don’t want to have this young man, and he just turned 48 — we want him to succeed, because when he succeeds, we regain our status. We regain our status.
It was just mentioned to me by our esteemed speaker, “Did anyone say anything about the Cuban health system?”
And lemme tell ya, before you say “Oh, it’s a commu–”, you need to go down there and see what Fidel Castro put in place. And I want you to know, now, you can think whatever you want to about Fidel Castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders I have ever met. [APPLAUSE]
And you know, the Cuban revolution that kicked out the wealthy, Che Guevara did that, and then, after they took over, they went out among the population to find someone who could lead this new nation, and they found … well, just leave it there (laughs), an attorney by the name of Fidel Castro ...


It concerns me that both she and Henry Waxman have that Nostril-Damus thing going on. Maybe she and Hank can just takeover their home state and make it the idyllic country of their dreams. They can call it Fidelafornia.