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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stuff Detroiters Like: Vernor’s Update

We had to update our original Vernor’s post with the following

BREAKING NEWS: “Vernor’s Lovers Toast To Bubbly Favorite”

That’s the headline for Santiago Esparza’s story, in today’s Detroit News’, about the annual Vernor’s Ginger Ale Collector’s Club Summer Event held Saturday August 8th.

summer event

The FREE event, was held at Gino’s Surf, overlooking beautiful Lake St. Clair, and featured the Miss Vernors hydroplane and a Vernor’s float (sometimes called a “Boston cooler”) eating/drinking contest. It may be the most fun you can have in Detroit without a semi-automatic weapon.

Vernor's%20sign%20art%20print A limited edition fine art giclee  print of the Vernor’s sign is available from Joanne Domka here

The Vernor’s club has only been around since 2007, but now claims members in “…Michigan (DUH), Ohio, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, Canada and more.”  Vernor’s Collector’s Club membership is only 20 bucks for the whole year, unless you fly from LA to Detroit for the annual Summer Event.

So join the club (20 bucks', they even take Paypal), come to next years summer event (we’ll announce it here when dates are set) and enjoy some Vernor’s Ginger Ale: It’s what we drink around here.

Disclaimer: Dewey From Detroit is in no way, shape or form affiliated with the Vernor’s Collectors Club nor any of their vendors. Although it does look like fun, and we would join, if we were joiners, or, if we had 20 bucks.