Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sorry, My Snarky Side Snuck Out

Can we please stop hearing about how fashionable Michelle is? I mean, come on. This is such not a good look.

MO on 4th

MO june 22

MO june 25 MO july 4

MO July 5michelle-snake

Trendy does not equate to fashionable, and toned upper arms do not make you a goddess. And I wouldn’t point out the big butt, non-existent waist, small bust and simply atrocious choice of clothes if the MSM didn’t go 24/7 ripping on Sarah Palin.

I also don’t think women have to look like anorexic Hollywood nymphs. But hey! I didn’t establish the standards - they did. They should apply equally to everyone, not just Republican women from Alaska. So MSM, I understand you will never notice that the emperor is wearing no clothes. But please, the empress? She’s a fashionista disasterista.

Full disclosure: Team Dewey consists of a she-Dewey and a he-Dewey. He-Dewey disavows any contribution to the content of this post.