Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our President’s Selective Outrage

This is what's wrong with multiculturalism. This is what happens when you pretend that all cultures are morally equivalent.

What kind of culture shames and shuns the victims of violent acts against women…or in this case a little girl? You cannot come to our country of laws and continue to operate by third world standards and barbaric tribal rules. I’m tired of being told on the one hand that we’re no better than these morally reprehensible medieval cultures, while on the other hand being lectured that we cannot use harsh interrogation techniques on terrorists because “America is better than that.” You can’t have it both ways.

This is the result of the intellectual drek that’s been hammered into our consciousness via big media, big Hollywood and big education for the past 40 year. This intellectually flawed and fraudulent thesis destroys cultures, countries, civilizations and in the immediate case, children.

Such wrong headed thinking has so permeated the mindset of the western world that we are willing to prostrate ourselves before pirates, tyrants and fascist religious leaders – under the guise of “reaching out”. Enough with the mea culpas: we ARE better than cultures that treat women like chattel, condone “honor” killings and legally dole out barbaric punishments. Societies that routinely erupt in tribal wars often dictated by nothing more than a desire to obtain monetary superiority are not culturally equivalent to western societies of law. And I’m sick of people pretending they are.

President Obama, where’s your outrage over this heinous crime? Isn’t an innocent 8 year old girl more vulnerable than a wealthy middle aged black man who lipped off to a police officer in Cambridge MA? (Who should’ve known better. After all he is a renowned professor at Harvard University. Doesn’t that mean that you are smart, have some degree of self-control and use good judgment? Or am I being too judgmental again?). Can you not manage to raise a voice against this sort of “hate” crime.

This story ignites a rage in me that will not be damped even by criminal justice. I want immigration control in my country. I demand that we enforce standards to enter and live in this country. I am outraged at what the coalition of well meaning progressives, unvarnished Marxists and our sniveling, pandering elected officials are turning this country into. And I am not alone.

Dewey has now left the building. To regain his composure.