Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazies To My Left

Are society’s crazies more numerous than those of us who cling to sanity, or just noisier? Not really a rhetorical question in the mind of James Lewis. He has a great piece in the American Thinker today, Indulging Craziness. It’s an interesting twist on “the lunatics have taken over the asylum” theme. In the political asylum, the crazies have co-opted the sane to advance their leftist agenda.

He maintains that our culture has taught us that it’s compassionate to indulge craziness. But he points out what every psychiatrist knows: “if you let the crazies set the rules, you have to get crazy right along with them.”  He could have added that by indulging them you validate their fantasy world, assuring they become more entrenched in their nutty behavior. Reality recedes further and further into the background until it reaches the vanishing point.

All the usual suspects are included in the group of crazies we have been trained to indulge:  paranoid race mongers,  gender groups, homosexual coalitions and every other group identity with a bitch. The one thing they have in common is the  promotion and practice of the politics of victimhood:

Our culture is now actively teaching racial paranoia to blacks, gender paranoia to women, and abuse paranoia to everybody with a beef. All those exaggerated fears and phony fits of rage have been cynically whipped up by the Left to grab more power. That's their Compassion Fascism. The rest of us go along, because we don't want to be bothered to stand up against it. But in the aggregate, over time, we have become a culture driven loopy by race, gender, and group paranoia. We have adopted the madness of the most race-obsessed people, and made them rich. Over time, they have worn down our sanity, so that our culture has literally gotten crazy.

The proponents of victimhood understand far more clearly than do the well intentioned enablers that this is really all about power.

Lewis proceeds to describe how the Obama administration plays into this scheme: two mean crazies at the center, Barrack and Michelle, surrounded by a court of sycophantic enablers which is growing larger by the day as more and more czars are added to the shadow government. The only good news here is the inevitable implosion. The bad news: it’s hard to gauge all of the collateral damage that will be inflicted.

Great article, do read the whole thing.