Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Non-Judgmentalism is Non-Sense

Michael Savage is now free to move about the kingdom. He has been removed from England’s “Least Wanted” list. You will recall that he was included in Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s list of 16 to be banned from Britain for heinous crimes against humanity. 

Ms. Smith resigned last month after Savage sued her for libel. She was also under investigation for misuse of taxpayer funds.

She said last week that she wasn’t up to being Home Secretary, in that she had never “ run a large organization.” Let the record reflect that she had, however,  a good deal of experience in academia. A pity she  hadn’t spent a fortnight or so as a community organizer. Then she could have just served as Prime Minister and let more qualified people run the departments and agencies.

But back to Savage: newly appointed Home Secretary Alan Johnson quickly did away with the entire list of 16 undesirables that Dr. Savage, a conservative radio talk show host that liberals love to hate, objected to being on. The infamous list also included Islamic-fascist preachers of jihad and terrorists of multiple persuasions. Not considering his conservative talk show rants the moral equivalent of preaching for the extermination of all Jews, death to America and the destruction of Israel, Savage filed suit.

It appears he made his point. But the new Secretary’s action is somewhat of a hollow victory.  Instead of removing only Savage’s name, the new Secretary did away with the entire list. That misses the point. A country is certainly within its rights to ban nut jobs who think beheadings, rape and suicide bombing is just part of their job description. It doesn’t seem to me that it’s hard to distinguish between evil-doers and talk show hosts who have views that differ from the prevailing wisdom of the progressive left.

But in typical non-judgmental fashion, it was easier to exonerate all comers than to cull the wheat from the chafe.

Once again - for the record - non-judgmentalism is non-sense. Please people, let’s practice safe discrimination out there.