Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Monday, February 7, 2011

You Deserve a Little Guilty Pleasure

Travel day, so I’m passing on this compendium of Ann Coulter’s best quotes from 2010 from Right Wing News via Vanderleun for your consideration and entertainment. It helps if you’ve been desensitized to Annie’s lack of sensitivity.  It helps even more if you’ve internalized it.


In 2005, Vice President Cheney gave 77 percent of his income to charity. He also shot a lawyer in the face, which I think should count for something.

Whenever you see a liberal choking up over our precious constitutional rights, you can be sure we're talking about the rights of Muslims at ground zero, "God Hates F@gs" funeral protesters, strippers, The New York Times publishing classified documents, pornographers, child molesters, murderers, traitors, saboteurs, terrorists, flag-burners (but not Quran-burners!) or women living on National Endowment of the Arts grants by stuffing yams into their orifices on stage.

I think we should look at other countries' laws, then adopt the good ones and pass on the bad ones. For example, let's skip clitorectomies, arranged marriages, dropping walls on homosexuals, honor killings and the rest of the gorgeous tapestry of multiculturalism. Instead, how about we adopt foreign concepts such as disallowing frivolous lawsuits, having loser-pays tort laws, and requiring that both parents be in the U.S. legally and at least one parent be a citizen, for a child born here to get automatic citizenship?

Like Hollywood actresses, lawyers need to believe they're noble and courageous to help them forget that they are corporate drones doing soul-destroying work, which mostly consists of making photocopies.

And there’s 30 more over on Right Wing News! And American Digest is always fun too. Consider them your calorie free, post Super Bowl party guilty pleasures.