Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The recession is over! Long live the recession!

I think everybody is missing the point on the feel good story of the week: The longest recession since the end of WWII officially ended in June - of 2009!

Good news! That means that George W. Bush’s TARP bailout worked!

Yeah, I know. Too many exclamation points. Especially since everyone still feels like we’re in the middle of a very deep hole, the jobless rate hovers at 9.6%  headed for at least 10%, you can’t give a house away in most markets, and still foreclosures continue to pile up. You know what they say: if it looks like a duck… etc.

But here’s what everyone’s missing. If we’re still mired in deep economic woe, that can only mean one thing - the Obama fabu-losity, which gave us the trillion dollar stimu-losity,  well, didn’t. Stimulate us, that is.

So I’d like to personally welcome you all to the shiny new thing: the official Obama recession. The torch has been passed, and man, it sucks when even the Canucks are kicking your butt.


recession-recovery-graphs-us-vs-canada From Hot Air via Hillbuzz: click to embiggen


The “we’re headed in the right direction”  summer of recovery is now officially over. Handing it back to you now, Barry,  for the fall mid-term results.