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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Incredible Lightness of Being Liberal

Mrs. P has done a fine job of covering the waterfront on the state of the arts in Detroit: From world-class city to single-class city, courtesy of Liberalism.

She maneuvers us through the city’s decline via Terry Teachout’s WSJ column on the impending strike by the Detroit Symphony and the perennial editorial feuding between the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press. The News is still nominally the conservative paper in town, and the Freep the liberal mouthpiece of the liberal media.

The News’ editor, Nolan Finley, as is the habit of conservatives, analyzes the situation based on the cold mean facts and concludes Detroit is “no longer a top 10 city by any measure.” To which anyone who’s been here within the past 15 years can only respond, “duh.”

Meanwhile, over at the reliably liberal Freep::

Brian Dickerson, the deputy editorial-page editor of the Detroit Free Press, reacted angrily in a column published last month to what he called the "elegiac resignation" of this editorial: "Some sneer that Detroit's unwashed masses can no longer discern the difference between a great orchestra and a mediocre one. . . ."

Elegiac resignation” – what a snort! Is there anything more fun than reading these elitist snobs – who are the first to look down their noses at the unwashed masses -  pimp up the language? While still missing the point?

He can’t help himself, I suppose. Like the President, he’s a member of the self-congratulatory ‘can-do’ class: most of whom have never had to can anyone, nor do they seem to be able to do much of anything. But they think if you just BELIEVE, close your eyes and HOPE real hard, you can make CHANGE reality.

Good luck with that, my jocund little Pollyanna.


H/T Patum and Peperium

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