Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Polarizing is the New Racist

Not that the left has dropped their love affair with charging anyone they deem “intolerant” with racism. But I’ve noticed of late that the next worst thing to being a racist is being a polarizing figure. I can tell because of all the media and blog chatter about how polarizing Republicans/conservatives are. Also telling is the equal amount of time spent demonstrating that Obama isn’t a polarizing figure. Or if he is, not in a bad way like the Republicans are - “what part of “post-partisan” don’t you right-wing nimrods understand?” Besides, how can you be polarizing when you are as spectacularly popular as BHO ?

Talking Points Memo suggests the results of a Pew Poll that found Obama more polarizing than GWB at the 100 days mark are really the Republicans fault. The twisted rationale: there are fewer Repubs now, so those left are hardcore. A comment to this posting might explain it better. It comes via a guy who uses the moniker “Merlot” (‘nuff said?):

…All the GOP has left is the ignorant (uneducated), fact-denying, red neck base (bigots and inbreds), and fantasy-based fundamentalists (think the earth is flat crowd). Even wealthy white folk understand the Democratic Party is good for America... contrary to the GOP ideology, the sun does rise in the east.

All of the above being said, I am not comforted. The GOP spawned Timothy McVey and it is obvious they are going for a bigger "bang" this time. The calls by GOP mouthpieces for treason is alarming (Michelle Bachman of MN, e.g.). They should be grateful that Obama believes in the constitution. If he didn't, they would have been arrested, and "erased" (as they deserve to be, for the good of the country), several weeks ago in the GWB administration style.

The GOPers are stockpiling guns for the purpose of overthrowing America. This should alarm every American. Dare I suggest that real Americans need to arm themselves against the GOP wackos? It is a possibility to be considered. Post Jan 20th, the reality that GWB was never in control is becoming increasingly obvious. The war before us is with the Dick Cheneys who reject our constitutional system. That he is receiving SS projection is perverted. Cheney and Co. is the biggest threat this country faces. This crowd is cornered like a rabid dogs. They are dangerous. They are a threat to the national security.

I guess that passes as an invitation to break bipartisan bread in some circles.

The real polarization isn’t between the two parties, it’s between political philosophies: Conservative – the constitution as written, minimal government, and taxation only for that limited government vs. Liberal – a “living” constitution, maximized government and all the resulting taxation to support it. It’s not about the person (Unless we’re talking GWB, who libs profess to “hate”. Why is it always personal with those people?). Hating ideas like socialism, open borders, and trillion dollar deficit spending does not a racist make.

I guess I see how it can be polarizing, but in a good way, like Obama.