Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Dust-up from NC

Here’s a great little article  by Elizabeth Sauls at the Beaufort Observer in Beaufort, North Carolina. (hat tip to Warner Todd Huston at RedState). Among other tongue in cheek observations on the week in Obamaland, she offers this:

Have you heard about this one? USCAP is an environmental group. They are helping democrats draw up the design of the cap and trade program. World Resources Institute is one of the founding members of USCAP. Guess who sits on the board of WRI? AL Gore! And, he's also a partner in Kleiner Perkins, at least since last year, anyway. KP will invest over $600 million in technologies that aim to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. Sounds like standard business practice 'til you read further and see that, under cap and trade policy, businesses will have to pay for the amount of carbon dioxide that they release during their manufacturing process. AL Gore's money will come from companies that produce products that companies can use to reduce those emissions. Al Gore is part of the group suggesting ways that the cap and trade policy can be structured. He will benefit financially from that policy. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Which reminds me that I simply must do a series on Cap and Trade: an opportunistic offshoot of the religion of Environmentalism that requires further sacrifice at the altar of Crap and Tax.