Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome to McDonald’s. Would you like a toy with that meal?

Did the evil fast food companies trick you into buying an unhealthy meal that your child couldn’t afford to eat? Did they throw in a toy that deluded you into believing that the “happy meal” was something that would actually be good for your child?

What a nightmare. It’s just like the sub-prime mortgage mess all over again: ignorant consumers tricked into buying a house they couldn’t afford by evil bankers. And we’ve all seen where that ended. This is a national disgrace.

But thank goodness, the liberal citizens of San Francisco are mad as hell and they’re just not going to take it any more. So they went to the polls en masse last Tuesday to permanently outlaw those seductive meals with toys.

An astute reader at Michelle Malkin suggests: “McD’s sells the toy for 1 penny. You can buy a Happy Meal for $2.30 without a toy or $2.31 with a toy.The gov’t cannot ban Mc’D's from selling a toy as a separate item.”

I’d go one step further. How about “ buy a toy for $2.30, get a Happy Meal free, including a delicious fried apple pie; or buy the Healthy meal without the toy, but with good-for-you carrot sticks and apple slices for only $2.90.”

If that doesn’t work, there’s always “Quantitative Easing” aka “getting less for your money.”


The Feds forecast it’s going to work real well for the rest of the economy.