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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SkyFall: Now Playing Everywhere Across America

Why must Republicans always play defense? Seemingly on the wrong side of any argument?

Sequester education-ad Education; you?

The pending sequester cuts have the President and his minions, like a flock of Chicken Littles, running to and fro, spinning tales of planes falling out of the sky. 


For some reason - whether they’re too polite, too incredulous or just too inept - I barely hear a peep from the loyal opposition.

So I wrote this little story to help Republicans explain the scale of sequester cuts to their constituents and hopefully help them put things in perspective:

George Finds Out He’s getting a 2% pay “cut”

George was expecting to get a $10/week raise, because he’s gotten a $10/week raise every year since he went to work for the Ace Car Company. (See “What does $40 a month mean to you?” from our last manufactured fiscal crisis.)

Then George’s boss tells him that - due to budgetary constraints imposed on Ace by corporate - he’s  forced to cut everybody’s raise by 2% (as agreed to by George’s UAW union president in the last round of contract talks - when nobody figured the sky would actually fall). So now, instead of the $10/week he was counting on, George will only be getting a $9.80/ week raise this year.

On hearing this awful news George immediately shifted into crisis mode: he pulled his son out of day care forcing his wife to quit her job to stay home with the kid, canceled the family trip to Disneyworld which they could no longer afford since his wife wasn’t working, and sold his car and the house to save money. Then, having no reason or will to live, George quit his job, starting using drugs and alcohol and went on welfare.

The end.

I hope that helps.

sequester_is_manufactured_crisisSequester: it’s a monster.


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