Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Leaf Peepers Guide To Koroks

Seeing as how it’s officially leaf-peeper season I have something for you that’s at least as important as anything you’ll hear in the news: an official guide to Korok Kharacters.

converted leaves

I won’t pretend to understand Koroks but apparently there are a series of Nintendo games - another thing I don’t understand – featuring these leaf-like Koroks. Whereas I’ve never played a Nintendo game in my life, or any other computer game for that matter, I cannot add anything beyond that.

Like the news they seem to be made-up factoids based on something real. Unlike the news they have been created for fun and entertainment rather than agitprop. In that they could help you identify different tree species as you cruise about they are probably more useful than most of the news. And whereas they appear to be quite harmless they are probably healthier as well.

Still, it’s important that you not mistake the real thing


with the cleverly designed and packaged fake thing intended to lure you in with it’s too-cute by half appeal.


Now get out there, buy some cider and donuts and get a good peep at the real world.