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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Barack Obama’s Day Off

ferris-buellers-day-off-282Ferris and friends: Poseur’s at the Chicago Art Institute

It was like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the Happy Days jumping the shark episode rolled into one.

Yesterday, Washington’s stage offered up some of the best fare of the year, in a year chock full of good theatre. Even the most creative minds in Hollywood would be hard pressed to come up with two metaphors for this administration that were more perfectly honed.

First, Obama - the most dubiously qualified man to ever serve as President of the United States – held a bizarre press conference with Bill Clinton to have him persuade Democratic legislators (and the media) to support the deal Obama struck with Republicans to extend the tax cuts and unemployment. Not only did he abdicate his presidential responsibilities by turning the reins over to Bubba, but he managed to come off as the very inferior, very junior executive at a corporate retreat who’s been asked to introduce the legendary CEO.

Then Barry excused himself due to a previous commitment. What could be more pressing than preventing everyone’s tax rates from going up in the middle of the worst recession in most people’s lifetime? A party, of course.

time to go

Well looky here, it’s time for me to go already!

Bubba played his lines straight, and managed to keep the farce afloat.

Then we get this: Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner turns himself in for kidney stone surgery on Friday afternoon.

We have a financial system suffering from calcification, and a president contemplating abdication. What next? Stagflation? Why not, let’s bring Jimmy back to run the show for a few months too.


He and Hugo have some ideas about how the American economy ought to work.


As they say in Hollywood, “you can’t make this stuff up.”