Come for the Politics, Stay for the Pathologies

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barack’s Big Breakout

You’re kidding, right? Obama calls a federal government “fiscal responsibility summit?” What part of the $1 trillion was fiscally responsible? Seriously, is this a joke? Because if it is, I’m definitely not in the mood.

It’s my worst nightmare: America is taken over by the same genius consultants that helped financial institutions and other corporations “manage for change” (and we all know how well that turned out). Now as part of the consultants private stimulus package, they're back to suckle at the teat of government. (What, you think Obama’s team pulled this off themselves, without consultants? You are delusional.) Just like in corporate America, the CEO shows up with his clown posse of consultant-speak “facilitators” to help the clueless minions through the groupthink process in order to "solve" the problems that the CEO and consultants have already solved, but want your “buy-in” for.

The minions in this case include legislative representatives – although Harry Reid was apparently too busy – as well as other “stakeholders:” all the usual suspects from a plethora of special interest groups. If this doesn’t cause a deep primal scream to work its way out through every bodily orifice, perhaps you’ve never taken part in such a charade. Or you’re a liberal. Such games should be insulting to adults. Make no mistake; this is a patronizing ploy to ram predetermined outcomes down the throat of assembled stooges. Due to the amount of time – executive and otherwise – and the amount of consultant fees, it’s also a very expensive fraud. Great way to kick off a “fiscal responsibility” summit. There are probably a few things government could learn from corporate America, but how to waste time isn’t one of them.

If this is the transparency in government of which Barack spoke so fondly, I vote for lowering the veil again.

Tip to Barack and handlers: Top down management is making a comeback. Why? It’s more efficient, and in these tough times, efficiency matters. Give it a try. It also makes you look more authoritative.